10 Things We Love About Autumn

It’s almost our favourite time of year… but for now we are loving Autumn!

Here are 10 things we love about Autumn;

Burning Crazy Amounts Of Candles – Candles really give life to any room with their fragrant scents. Especially in the winter when nights are long, lighting a great-smelling candle is the perfect way to make a room feel cozy. We are really loving a lot of Apple pie scents at the moment – although they make us hungry!

Blankets – We both love warming up inside after a day outdoors. If you have lots of blankets in various textures and colours then you already know the comfort that comes from getting cozy under one or ten and just relaxing. Blissful!

All Things Halloween – Pumpkins, pumpkin spiced everything, Halloween candy (do you buy some for trick or treaters and then eat it yourself and have to buy more last minute? We do!), Halloween movies (watching Hocus Pocus at least five times). Halloween is now over but that doesn’t mean we’re still over pumpkins and buying the Halloween sweets on offer!

Jumpers, Scarves & Boots – We both have a serious, very serious scarf addiction and we can now wear them all. We also will buy more – mostly from charity shops though! We both need warmth on our dog walks and we will be getting all the cosy clothes ready for the cold snap. Sarah has her bobble hat ready!

Hot Chocolates & Warm Apple Cider – Sam drinks a crazy amount of chai, herbal and fruit teas all year round and Sarah gets through a lot of iced coffees through the year. The thought of drinking hot chocolate or warm cider in spring or summer is just weird to us both. Crazy, I know. There’s something so comforting about snuggling up with a big mug of your favourite hot chocolate or cider, it’s like a hug in your tummy. We especially like adult versions of these, bourbon in apple cider is just heavenly or a splash of Baileys in some hot chocolate… mmmmm!

Baking & Slow Cooker Meals – We’re both big fans of baking but didn’t really do much of it during the never-ending heatwave that was the summer, so we’re gonna do our very best to make up for that during autumn and winter. We’re BFFs with our slow cookers, aren’t they the greatest inventions ever? We use ours all year round, but appreciate them so much more in the colder months, cause you just know that whatever is cooking in them will warm you from your toes to your nose. Also speaking of food, we treat Thanksgiving as our pre-Christmas… any excuse!

Hallmark Countdown To Christmas – The world is still crazy and there’s so much negativity around and the two of us love how happy and wholesome Hallmark movies and TV shows are, we watch them all year round and come October our lives revolve around the Countdown To Christmas. They sometimes alter our sense of reality, it can be pretty funny. Do you watch them?

Preparing For Christmas – If we’re being honest here, we’ve been preparing for Christmas since ohhhh, about December 26th 2020…. Yes we’re that crazy and that organised. But see, now it’s ok to talk about it and not seem like complete lunatics. Our best advice for Christmas prep is lists, lists, lists! They work for Santa don’t they?!

Also we may have eaten quite a few boxes of Festive Friends biscuits already!

Snow – We both adore the snow! In fact, we often chat late at night and compare our weather reports and hoping it’s cold enough for snow – haha! So when it does snow… be sure to think of us enjoying ourselves in the snow but then also being cosy at home with blankets and hot drinks.

Walks – The dogs need their walks and also it’s important for us to get our steps in (I say that with so much sarcasm) as sometimes I barely do more than the dog walk and then other days I will do a lot more! But we love all the colours of autumn and all the crunchy leaves. We always feel more eager to go for a walk in the autumn.

What about you, what do you love about Autumn?

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