Sam’s July Favourites

Even though in July I celebrated three birthdays, mine included, all of which were so much fun, it was a very busy month work wise and the heat has been really getting to me. I live in Ireland, but lately it’s felt like I live on the actual sun! I’ve been basically trying to hibernate and avoid it, I’m far too ginger and pale to be outside. 😛 That hasn’t stopped me from shopping and buying lots of new goodies, I mean, really nothing could. LOL.

Check out my latest favourites, I haven’t included the copious amounts of cake I ate…Everyone knows cake is the best thing ever.

Drowsy Sleep Co. State Of Sleep SprayIf you could do with some long uninterrupted sleeps, some more relaxation, less overthinking and more zen in your life, then you NEED this spray. Check out my full review on this product HERE.

Lacura Vitamin C Hot Cloth Cleanser From Aldi – I really love all the skincare and skincare dupes that Aldi has brought out over the past couple years and I’m pretty much game to try anything because everything I have tried has worked so well and they’re always so cheap!
The Lacura Vitamin C Hot Cloth Cleanser was my latest purchase, and after trying it just once, I stocked up!
It’s part of their super popular hot cloth range, and contains vitamin C as well as cocoa butter, vitamin E and thyme oil. It also comes with a muslin cloth which helps gently exfoliate you skin.
I use this in the mornings as it’s really refreshing and the citrus aroma helps wake me up. It never ceases to amaze me, every time I use it my skin looks so bright and feels so smooth, it’s feels really hydrating too. It’s probably the best cleanser I’ve ever used and I plan on buying more the next time it’s available.

Lanolips Peach 101 Ointment – Another favourite lip product, are you shocked?! I’m so addicted to lip balms, it’s crazy. I’ve tried Dr.Lipp Nipple Balm which is a lanolin based balm and I loved it, I really think lanolin is what works best for me for my lips, and that’s what lead me to discover Lanolips. Peach is one of my top flavours / scents when it comes to products, this one is so yum, tastes like peach candies. It’s really soothing and so long lasting.

Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream – I’ve never been a fan of liquid concealers, they just never really work for me, I prefer a nice thick creamy concealer which is why I purchased this one, also it was under €5 so that really sealed the deal. I don’t really need much coverage I just like to brighten my under eyes and maybe cover up the odd spot or blemish.  Having said that, the Catrice Camouflage Cream is super full coverage! I can see my little pot lasting till the end of time because I barely have to touch it to get enough on my brush to use. It’s pretty magical. I also heard it’s a dupe for a NARS concealer??

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate – I’ve been a long-time fan of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil so when I was running dangerously low on a daily moisturiser I decided to treat myself to the Daily Reviving Concentrate. It is very moisturising and makes my skin feel hydrated and ready for the day. The smell is really zesty and uplifting so it’s great to use in the morning. What I love most about it is how glowy it makes my skin look, even with makeup applied on top. I’ve gotten so many “your skin is glowing” compliments since I started using it.

Galaxy Darker Collection Roasted Hazelnut – I picked up a bar of this in my local Dealz/Poundland, I’ve always loved dark chocolate and Galaxy chocolate so I couldn’t not buy it. After one bite, I was hooked. It’s a delicious blend of creamy milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate with crunchy roasted hazelnuts, just soooooo yummy. I won’t tell you how many bars I’ve had over the past couple of months LOL, but if you see it when you’re out shopping, grab one, or ten.

So what have you guys been loving lately? Let us know in a comment below. Be sure to check us out over on Instagram.

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