Sam’s April Favourites

Seriously can time just slow down a smidgen?! We’re almost half way through the year, feels like last Christmas wasn’t that long ago and we’ll be soon shopping for Christmas 2019.
Apologies for dropping a C bomb in May, but you know I’m right!

Here’s my April favourites, only a little late…

Yorkshire Tea Bedtime Brew – Y’all know I love tea, the powers that be at Amazon recommended this to me and they’re right about EVERYTHING so of course I bought it, actually I bought four boxes. 😛
I’m a bit sensitive to caffeine, so I try not to drink any past 6PM or I’ll be awake all night, but sometimes my tea cravings overpower my need for sleep. This tea is decaf, so I have been chugging giant mugs of tea all night long. It has lemon balm, vanilla and nutmeg in it, I like to add milk, honey and a dash of cinnamon to mine, it’s like a hug in a mug.

Patisserie De Bain Sweet As Cherry Pie Body Mist – I’d seen so many people on YouTube and Instagram scoring lots of Patisserie De Bain products in Poundland / Dealz and I kept checking my local one but could never find any. Then one day I found a whole heap of products in a different town. It was like Christmas.
I’m generally not a huge fan of body sprays, they wouldn’t be something I’d purchase, but I love all things cherry scented so snapped this up and I’ve been pretty much using it everyday. It doesn’t really clash with my perfumes as most of them smells like fruits / sweets / cake.
Imagine a super sweet, cherry pie candle, that’s what this smells like, yeah it is a more artificial cherry pie aroma but it still smells delicious.

Rainbow Fantasy By Britney Spears – I love how fun and uplifting this perfume is and have already made quite the dent in the bottle. It smells like cotton candy with some citrus notes and when it dries down a warm amber aroma really comes through. It’s such a wonderful summer scent.

Mars Bars – Really random I know, but honestly I’ve never been a fan of Mars bars until recently, I dunno what it is about them, perhaps they’ve changed the recipe? I’ve always found them to be very sweet but now I’m like gimme ALL the Mars Bars lol.
I try limit my scoffing to one bar a week, maybe two, but my husband keeps buying them for me, as well as Mars Bar ice creams (YUM), so actually we have quite the stash built up. If anyone pops over, I might share. 😉

Berry Of Paradise By Scentsy – I purchased this whenever Scentsy last had a big sale and I’m slightly gutted I didn’t buy more as they seem to have discontinued it. Sometimes if we’re lucky, Scentsy might bring old bars back so do keep an eye out for this one.
It’s a blend of sweet sugared strawberries, smooth vanilla beans, and floral bird of paradise. I’m not a fan of floral scents usually but this one is more of a tropical aroma, a very sweet one, which I love. Perfect for this time of year.

So what have you guys been loving lately? Let us know in a comment below. Be sure to check us out over on Instagram.

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