Sanari Candles Biscotti Candle Review

I was kindly sent a couple of candles from Sanari Candles to review. You can read more about this wonderful, all natural brand HERE.
I wanted to review Biscotti first because I know you will all love it, and it would make such a wonderful winter candle to burn at home or a Christmas gift for someone special.

Biscotti is described as “savory and spicy notes of pure vanilla, with a touch of cinnamon, falling into a rich nutmeg, finishing it off with heliotrope and tonka bean.” See, I told you, the perfect scent for winter.

Sanari use 100% natural essential oils to scent their candles. The cinnamon in this candle really stood out for me, which I loved because cinnamon is one of my all time favourite aromas. The vanilla gave it a creamy element, the nutmeg gave it a woody note and the heliotrope and tonka bean added depth and richness to the fragrance…Just imagine the fanciest Italian biscotti straight from the oven.
My husband came home one day when I had this burning and started sniffing and then was devastated when he discovered I wasn’t baking cookies. 😛

Look at that wick! Isn’t it the most perfect wick you’ve ever seen?! Sanari use eco-friendly, 100% unbleached natural cotton wicks. I love that it’s a wider wick than normal, I found it helped the candle melt faster for a stronger throw and burn evenly and flawlessly.

Sanari use the highest quality organic and green products in the industry. Their eco-friendly, plant based, non-GMO, vegan candles are free of all animal products and made from unaltered soy beans, coconuts and natural essential oils. You can see how pure the candle is, I mean just look at how clean it burned, no smoke at all.

The glass holder is reusable as well. It can be easily cleaned and used as a stemless wine glass. Now I don’t drink wine, but I will quite happily sip some bourbon in it over the holidays.

I really loved this candle, such a comforting aroma, I can wait to light up my next one.

Stay tuned for some reviews from us and Sanari Candles, but until then you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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