5 songs that I’m addicted to right now!

I was forever listening to music in my teens and whilst I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever stopped. I would say that I listen to less now, probably less of my own choosing. Baby Shark anyone?!

I have also noted that I’m more likely to not keep up with who is No 1 any more but I’ll be the first to tell everyone when someone I have actually bought their record gets there. Ed Sheeran probably.

I use Spotify a lot and find its algorithm to be pretty good to play the stuff that I really love and it’s good at introducing me to a lot of new music too. That said, I do find a lot of the time I’m relying on an app for my music knowledge – Shazam. When I’m watching TV, mostly American TV I normally have the app loaded up on my phone because there will be at least one song that makes me say “ooh what’s this?”.

I sometimes use it in restaurants too…

At the moment there are a few songs that I feel are played in a current loop on spotify (and also in my head) and they are;

Not Baby Shark.


Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around

This all relates to the fact that I am going to see her next week and I am SO excited! She’s been such an important part of my life, through Neighbours and then her musical career. I still have a copy of all of her albums. Did I mention there’s a disco ball in her set design?! I’m in love.

Florence and the Machine – Hunger

I’ve loved Florence for ages, I still remember pre-ordering the debut album and being totally in love with it. Not sure I played anything else for weeks. I randomly heard this song again last week whilst I was doing some shopping in Boots and it certainly put me in a better mood as I hummed along. In my head I was singing out loud VERY loudly! I think if anyone could symbolise the musical artist that I’d want to be, it would be Florence.

Jack Savoretti – Whiskey Tango

Wow. What a voice. This I’m not sure where I picked it up from but it was one that I had shazam’d and I feel guilty for not having it in my collection before. His voice is incredible and makes it shiver like a certain Kings of Leon singer… as the kids say these days. This song is all of the yaaaassssss!

Spencer Lee Band – The Wolf

This was one that Spotify randomly threw up for me on one shuffle Saturday selection and I was hooked straight away. I love a catchy lyric and the chorus too is really one that needs to be sung loudly. This has been added to my driving collection. I feel old to type that but with spotify playlists it really is easy to just create any old random list isn’t it?

It was only when finding the YouTube link for it did I realise that it’s in Fifty Shades Freed…

Calvin Harris feat. Sam Smith – Promises

I’ve always loved a belting Calvin Harris tune but not sure I’ve ever really admitted – so there you go. I’m also a bit of a Sam Smith fan so mixing these two together was a genius idea. The song easily gets caught in my head and whilst it probably reminds me now more of summer, I’ll still have it in my head for a few weeks yet.

What songs are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments below.

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