Sarah’s May Favourites

How can it possibly be June?! Although I do have an exciting June, so I’m not too unhappy that it’s here now. 😉

Anyway, here’s a look at my May Favourites.

COLAB Dry Shampoo – Unicorn

I love using dry shampoo’s to add texture and a boost to my roots – with my thick and wavy hair I find my hair really pulls down and leaves my roots… very flat! Using a dry shampoo really helps to lift and I absolutely LOVE Colab because you don’t get that white residue that makes you look like you’ve suddenly gone white! Also this one smells like unicorns… winner! (think fruity!)

I would like a travel range in this brand. Smaller cans.

Calvin Klein – Friction

This is my favourite summer scent, I think it’s because it’s so fruity and fun. Also it’s nothing overpowering that’s gonna be intoxicating in the heat.

The perfume;

Top notes: a splash of fruity cocktail lends a burst of freshness with notes of red berries, apple and peach.

Heart notes: a sensual bouquet of freesia, jasmine and muguet laced with soothing blonde woods stimulate its feminine warmth.

Base notes: hypnotic benzoin resin drenched in smooth vanilla with a sexy spark of warm sandalwood create an alluring, sensual aftermath.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

I have really found the hype around Superdrug’s skincare range to be absolutely spot on. It really is justified. I absolutely love an overnight face mask and I am very much addicted to acid… of the glycolic nature!! I’ve a few glycolic masks but they are mainly 10 minute masks which probably do have a greater intensity BUT I’ve had great results with this one.

Superdrug Vitamin E – Leave On Moisture Mask

This is one of my favourite masks now, I love having an overnight mask. Whilst this isn’t quite supposed to be used as an overnight mask, that’s how I’ve used it and it’s great. Also you really don’t need much and it’s a good sized pot.  My skin feels so good in the morning and looks brighter. Love it!

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF15

We both have loved the Botanics range for a while, especially their Radiance Balm. We were both unimpressed when a packaging change meant that their prices went up. We both shop for discounts all the time so we just got more savvy to this range being more per item. I needed a good day cream with an SPF, because of all the oils I’m using in my night time routine I wanted the protection. ALSO, I am useless at protecting myself in the sun but awesome with the kids.

This feels like a good start to getting better at doing that. I like that it absorbs quickly as I’ve found SPF creams to be very ‘wet’ and need an age to dry. I just want to put this on then do the rest of my face. I did pick this up with the Night Cream (both on offer) which has been good too but I’ve not used it much yet, as I’m using up others.

The Ordinary – Hyaluronic Acid

I’ve added more of The Ordinary ‘potions’ (as I call them) to my collection now, I’m sure they will feature in upcoming favourites BUT this bottle has stopped my face being like a dry, zapped of life thing when I leave the shower. I always got such a tight face after a shower and it always needed a load of moisture straight away. I use this every night and I’ve noticed how much more moisturised my skin is. Amazing!

Poundland Makeup Range – Nail Base Coat

I did a big spend in Boots at the end of April and when I mean big, I had a list! Then, I totally forgot to buy something on the list – gaaaaah! I at this point was at the other end of town when I realised and was about to do my weekly stock up of snacks and essentials in Poundland. I’ve bought some makeup bits in Poundland before, some were a never again and others were a hit – their face powders are a hit! So I thought I’d grab the item I’d missed in Boots, a base coat for my nails. Was a little shocked to see it in a dusky pink shade as I normally get the clear variety… no matter. Tried it out a few days later and it does the job perfectly. Actually the applicator is a great size for my nails so I’m not making too many application splodges – haha!

Obviously it was one pound. Bargain. The one I normally get is £7.99.

Sugar Rush – Coco Boho Candle

If the month of May could have a scent in my home then it would be this one. This tin scented my home with just the lid off! Lighting it seemed like something I didn’t want to do – “make it last” was my common reaction. But lighting it obviously took it to such a gorgeous sweet tone that took me to buying sweets to fuel the hunger. Gorgeous scent, awesome candles with some stunning new re-designs on their packaging.


One TV show gets a mention from me and that is BBC One’s The Split. I absolutely loved this family law drama and all it’s quirks – anyone else get confused about who everyone was in the first episode but then be able to reel off their names for episode two? Anyway, I loved the cast, the drama, the fashion and OMG THE SHOES! You can still catch it now on the iPlayer. Totally worth a watch!

What about you, what have you been loving recently?

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