Sam’s April Favourites

How is it May already?! The year is just flying in. I’m liking the weather at the moment, it’s not too hot which I like and thank Thor there’s no more snow.

Here’s my favourites from April, I found some epic new products, so happy!

Twinings Superblends Sleep Tea – I love to wind down in the evening, watch a movie with my husband, play some games on my tablet, just chill out and switch off from a long day working. One thing I always have at night is a cup of camomile tea, which can be a bit boring but always helps relax me.
When I saw the new Twinings Superblends Sleep tea, which is a camomile-based tea with lots of other great ingredients I knew I’d like it and that it’d be more enjoyable than my regular camomile tea.
It’s made with a blend of passionflowers, calming spiced apple, vanilla and camomile, and its naturally caffeine free.
I stocked up on this tea when it was half price in Tesco, it’s so smooth and warming, a really lovely blend. It’s so perfect before bed and I’ve definitely found myself falling asleep faster than normal.

Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy Eau De Toilette – Did you know that a bottle of Britney Spears Fragrance is sold every 2.2seconds?! I would say more often than not that’s me and Sarah buying a new one for our collection. 😛
There are two perfume designers that we’ll always blind buy from and they are Vera Wang and Britney Spears, neither can do any wrong in our books.
Sunset Fantasy, the latest version of the original Fantasy fragrance, contains notes of Ruby Red Grapefruit, Italian Mandarin, Sweet Apple, Peach, Raspberry Leaf, Orange Blossom, Australian Sandalwood, Vanilla Moheli, Amber, and Steamed Milk Froth. How decadent does it sound?!
I can really smell the raspberry and peach notes, which are two of my favourite scents, then when it dries the creamy aroma of the vanilla and milk froth come through. It’s the perfect scent for Spring and Summer, it’ll make you want a fruity tropical cocktail on a warm beach.

Colorfy – Adult colouring books are still very popular, I have a few of them but being a bit of a perfectionist and not having a lot of spare time I sometimes find them like too much work, when they should be relaxing and fun. I recently discovered Colorfy which puts a digital twist on this calming, meditative hobby. With images ranging from flowers to animals to famous works of art, you simply tap each section of the picture to fill it in with your chosen colour. It’s ever so calming and great when you need to unwind.

Bonfire Beach By Scentsy – This has been a long time Scentsy fave of mine, I didn’t really like it at first but I’ve grown to love it and it’s a scent that I re-purchase again and again.
I’ve been melting it a lot this month, almost craving the scent. It’s described as toasted marshmallow smoldering over white flint and sandalwood with salty sea air and ocean spray. But I basically think it smells like a sexy man covered in marshmallows and thrown on a fire. I know that’s a bit graphic/disturbing but once you smell it you’ll be like “yeah that’s definitely an accurate description!”

Lime Crime Venus XL Palette – Did I really need another eye shadow palette? YES!
The Venus XL has 18 highly pigmented shades in 4 finishes…
Matte – buttery smooth and totally matte.
Matte Sparkle – same matte formula you love but with sparkle!
Glow – soft, luminous finish. Not satin, not shimmer. It’s glow!
Metallic – ultra-shiny shimmer!
When I saw this palette, it screamed my name! I mean look at the packaging, red headed chick on a pink background, that’s basically me, ha ha ha! 😉
I love wearing purples on my eyes, they’re my neutrals, and this palette has so many shades of purple as well as reds, berries and pinks going on, plus a few great transition shades, it’s everything I need in a palette.
The shadows are super smooth and you do get an instant hit of intense colour payoff, without kick up or fall out, it’s a magic palette!

Original Source Rhubarb & Raspberry Shower Gel – Rhubarb and raspberry are two of favourite scents, I love how tart and zingy they are, so when I saw this new shower gel on offer I stocked up.
It’s such a true to life aroma and really perks me up in the morning. There’s four essential oils packed in to it and leaves my skin really soft and supple and smelling yummy.

Perfect Berry Gotta Glow Lip Tint By E.L.F Cosmetics – Y’all know I love my lip balms but I’m not the biggest fan of glosses or lipsticks, I just find them almost annoying to wear. I got this a part of a free gift from E.L.F when I recently ordered a few bits. At first I was like “eeeek!” cause it’s so dark, but this lip tint is magic! It reacts with the chemistry of your lips to give you a personalized, perfect shade of berry. It has a gel-based formula that glides on smoothly and it’s infused with Shea Butter that make it feel so moisturising and nourishing. I’ve had this maybe a month, and have worn it more than any other lip colour that I have. I’m definitely going to order the other shades soon.

Dewy Wetlook Stick By Catrice Cosmetics – I’m all about having glowy skin so when I saw this I snapped it right up and have been wearing it practically everyday.
I use it mostly as a highlighter, there’s no glitter or shimmer in it  but you do get a really natural looking dewy glow. It blends beautifully with foundation and other products and is lovely used on the eyes too. Did I mention it was only like €5! Love a good beauty bargain.

Let us know some of your recent favourites and recommendations in a comment below.

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