Review: Dreamlights Wax Melts

We have featured Dreamlights before on our blog HERE and a previous review HERE too. When they asked if we’d be interested in another review, I jumped at the opportunity to see the new designs as our last review I did was back in 2016. You’ll see how different they look now and they’ve had to do all the CLP labelling since then too.

Top left of the image; Unicorn Fluff, Pink Lemonade and First Kiss.

Unicorn Fluff

Enchanted forest berries mingle with magical amber, rainbow peppercorns and floral charms to give an ethereal, dreamlike scent.

Anything ‘Unicorn’ is always a winner and I absolutely love the scent, I’ve talked many a time about my love of amber scents. What really makes this scent pop though is the peppercorns. It’s fun, vibrant and very much the ‘dreamlike scent’ from the description.

Pink Lemonade

A firm favourite with both of us over the years and this is such a great scent even on a cold sniff. I love how the lemon really zings itself out and I can sniff out the fizz too! It’s always a great scent for cheering up with.

First Kiss

A romantic scent which would be great for Valentine’s Day but great for making you feel the love all through the year too. I really love the waffle cone shape, it’s just something different from the usual shapes. The scent is probably my least favourite of the lot but I know we have a lot of romantics that would love this very sweet scent!

You can see a list of all their new scents on their facebook page and they do upload pictures onto their instagram page too.  There really is a scent for everyone!

*Sarah was sent the wax melts for an honest review and as always she gave her honest thoughts.

**Disclaimers are rubbish but you know that we only do honest reviews.

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