Sarah’s 5 Favourite Spice Girl Songs

I think a lot of us let out an excited scream when they saw this photo on Instagram…

Could it really be true that they are going to reunite? There is still only just talk about it at the moment but it has led to me getting my Spice Girls playlist on Spotify, it’s on almost constant repeat. The kids love it too, which is great!

I saw a load of people on social media talking about their favourite song, album, Spice Girl. I also saw some doing their Top 5 songs and that’s what I’m going with as it gives me some more choice and I can listen to my playlist some more…

1. Viva Forever

Whaaaaaaat!? Controversial. No, Wannabe is not my favourite Spice Girls song but don’t get me wrong it’s a damn catchy song but it’s not top of my list.

Actually, the list surprises me because the song in second place was always my favourite Spice Girls song but now that I’m older I think I feel more of a connection to this one.

This was the last single from the album Spiceworld and was made before Geri left.

2. Say You’ll Be There

Yep, this was my favourite Spice Girls song back in the day. I remember having the lyrics “I’ll give you everything I swear, just promise you’ll always be there” written inside my college folder. Girl power!

3.  Wannabe

i can still remember the first time I saw this video, the excitement of who these girls were. Let’s not ignore the fact that the boy band scene had well and truly taken over through the 90’s – don’t ignore the fact either that I love my boy bands! So anyway, they really were something new and they were great for feminism in the mainstream.


4. Spice Up Your Life

This was the first single from their second album, Spiceworld. There was 9 months between the release of their first and second album, I still blame them for my unreasonable demands on later bands for not releasing new albums in this quick a time. I’ve been waiting years for some bands!

This is in my gym playlist, just when my workout tends to drop I’ve popped this one in to give it a vamp up and get me motivated again.

“Slam it to the left, if you’re having a good time”

5. Stop

Everyone has danced along to this one at birthdays and weddings for sure. Right along with S Club 7’s song ‘Reach’. It’s got everything, catchy but cheesy lyrics and even some actions for the chorus.

This was their first song to not reach number one in the UK.

Other mentionable songs are;

Who Do You Think You Are – most memorable for the 1997 Brit Awards and Geri in THAT Union Jack dress. Double side with Mama, which is mega mushy if you like that sort of thing.

Too Much – Their first single release after they sacked Simon Fuller. Always reminds me of the Spiceworld movie.

2 Become 1 – The realisation of exactly what “put it on, put it on” actually meant when you’ve been singing it around your parents for weeks and weeks. Then not singing that bit. Haha!

Holler – Their later R ‘n’ B stuff was not to everyone’s taste and they did really miss Geri. But Holler was a definite highlight for me.

So there we have my favourite 5 Spice Girl songs. What are yours?

Hardest question is probably who is my favourite Spice Girl, I think I was always drawn more to the two Mel’s back then. A bit Scary and a bit Sporty. Definitely now, as they are all older I’m more drawn to them all as individual women. They have always kept the Girl Power motto going!

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