Sam’s September Favourites

Seriously where did September go? It just flew in! I’m not really complaining, as I do hope the next few months fly by too.  Anyone else so excited to see so much Christmas stuff out already? We may or may not have started buying ALL the advent calendars…I cannot confirm nor deny this…

Anyway I have a few favourites from this month, ones that I think I’ll be loving for a long long time.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Liquid – I’ve been using a MakeUp Revolution bronzer for a while now but recently it’s stopped blending as well as it used to, which is weird, anyway I was looking at getting a new bronzer but not anything too dark. This is a liquid bronzer that I got a decent size sample of this in this month’s Birchbox, at first I was a bit skeptical but after trying it, I immediately went and purchased a full size.

I’m all about looking glowy and radiant and don’t like using matte products and hardly ever use foundation, but I do use a radiance balm and concealer and when I put this bronzer on over top of those it gives my pale skin this warm, natural glow. I’m obsessed with it, it’s blends so well and can be layered up for a darker tone.

Gooseberry & Elderflower By Flamingo Candles – My favourite scent by Flamingo Candles is Bunny Kisses, which is a tart rhubarb fragrance, I’m obsessed with it and stock up on it every year at Easter when it comes out, anyway when I tried Gooseberry & Elderflower recently I was like “uh oh! Bunny Kisses has some competition!” This scent is like extremely tart and I freakin LOVE it! It’s so mouthwatering and really uplifting, will definitely stock up on this scent.

Britney Spears VIP Private Show Perfume – I have quite the Britney Spears perfume collection (not a Britney music fan but damn, girl knows how to make great perfume!) and I bought VIP Private Show as soon as it was available over here and I’ve been wearing it pretty much everyday since I got it. I would say it’s possibly my second or third favourite Britney perfume. I can really detect raspberry and blood orange in it which are two of my all time favourite scents and it has a warm amber element as well as sweet mango, red apple and lots of other fruity notes. Highly recommend it.

Spotify – Yeah, I know I’m so late to the party! I’d heard about Spotify so many times before but never got it until recently, now I’m hooked. I love having like rock and heavy metal blasting through my head phones while I work. I get heaps done that way!

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer – I’ve been a long time fan of Catrice Cosmetics, they have some amazing quality products at unbeatable prices, so I was super excited to try their new gel nail polishes. I generally don’t wear nail polish on my hands as the majority of them chip after one day which just annoys me, so I was intrigued to see how long these would last. They say they last seven days without a top coat, I bought some and the top coat, which I used, and I got…wait for it…TEN DAYS without a single chip! Even after the ten days the few chips I did have were barely noticeable. I immediately went and bought a few more colours. I think the nail polishes were just under €3 each and the top coat was about €5, such a BARGAIN!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold – Again, definitely late to the party on this one. Myself and Sarah got a bottle of this in our M&S Advent Calendars last year and I literally only opened it up a little while back but after one use I was hooked! It’s done wonders for my skin, it’s made those tiny lines disappear, made my pores smaller, my skin less red and blotchy and holy moley does make up go on so much better now.

Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser – I’m addicted to eye creams and eye treatments, I often get told that I don’t need them because I don’t have bags, wrinkles or dark circles but I think that’s because I use them so often. This was another amazing find in my recent Birchbox,  this roll-on treatment is a miracle worker for tired eyes, I love using it in the mornings, really perks everything up. It has  Siberian ginseng which tones and brightens, and it’s cooling gel formula is really refreshing and reviving.

PMD Kiss – You name a lip plumper and there’s a chance I either own it now or have in the past. I’ve a slight addiction to them. Having said that, there’s none that I’ve ever repurchased, probably because they don’t work, or hurt like hell! When I saw that the PMD Kiss was available on Love Me Beauty for only 60 credits I knew I had to get it. The first time I used it I noticed instant results and I’ve been using it daily for almost a month now and have lots of major changes. My lips look and feel smoother, their a darker colour and they feel a lot plumper. I’m no Angelina Jolie yet but I’m impressed so far.

Pür Cosmetics Correcting Primer Prep & Perfect – I had a large sample of this in my stash and decided to try it out, even though I have about three other primers on the go, and I was just amazed at how well it worked that I’ve forgotten about all my other primers and bought a full size one.  It’s makes my skin look so smooth and poreless and seriously my makeup doesn’t go anywhere all day long. Pür have a bunch of different primers I’d be intrigued to see how well they work.

Let us know what products you’re loving this month in a comment below.

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