Sarah’s June Favourites

This blog post could have been SO long as I seemed to be loving a load of products at the moment, so I have made the list as short as possible.

Here are my June Favourites;

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star body milk

I’ve loved this for such a long time but I’ve found it has a great secret weapon ability. I’ve been doing the squat challenge for a few months now as my thighs are beyond awful! Massaging this into my thighs, especially after doing my squats has really helped to make them ache less after. Also my cellulite isn’t as bad as it used to be! Could be a mix of the product, the exercise and drinking more water but it really is working. Also I love to use this just as I’ve got out of the shower all over, for a good pamper.

Unani il-luminate milk cleanser

I’d never heard of this brand before and I received this in my May Glossybox and I was immediately intrigued. I’ve been using it every night now for over a month and it’s superb. It’s really good on my skin and really helps me to wake up with brighter skin. It’s also been good on waterproof makeup too, although I do prefer to remove any mascara and eye makeup before using it. That’s only because my eyes are super sensitive because of hayfever at the moment, I’m doing my best to not make them intentionally worse.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Wipes

Sam told me how good these were so naturally I grabbed a few packs as her recommendations are always top! Not wrong again here either. I used to use these every night but I’ve actually swapped to using them in the morning now. Morning’s are pretty manic for me so I use one after my shower and then quickly apply some makeup.

I’m now always grabbing them when they are on offer. They were great during the heatwave too, sweaty face yuck!

Schwarzkopf Dry Oil Mist

I’m a big Schwarzkopf fan and bought this on a bit of a whim as needed an extra product for a 3 for 2 but hadn’t heard anything about it. I love using oil on my hair but it can be quite messy and if you don’t do it right you may as well not have bothered.

Having it in a aerosol spray form is a magic idea! Now I can spray it where I want to and then style it how I want to! Less messy and my hair has been less frizzy. Even in the heat!

Soap & Glory Glow Job

I absolutely love this, every summer I use it and remember why I love it so much. It does come out of the tube a little grey in colour but soon the bronze bits burst and release colour. It’s a great way to add tan to your face but less is definitely more. Too much and you can go orange!

EcoTools full powder brush

I do love a good makeup brush and this Ecotools brush is one of my favourites. I’ve been using more face powder than usual recently because of the heat so this brush has been used a lot!

Scent Circus

I go on about this Wax Vendor a lot on social media but not sure I’ve ever mentioned them here! Anyway, Scent Circus make these gorgeous monthly wax boxes which all have a theme. The July one (on sale on the 1st) is Neverland. They are super creative with their designs and scents. They also have a shop with more melts in to tide you over until the next month’s box too!

Rosie’s Wax Melts

The warmer weather calls for sorting out your wax melt choices and I’ve been loving a load of Rosie’s Wax Melts recently. Especially, Vanilla Bean Noel – probably a Christmas scent but I don’t care. It’s one of my favourite vanilla scents, it’s a beautiful vanilla, sugar cookies with marshmallow and caramel. Yum!

NYX Eye Pot in Gold Lust

I’m really loving NYX stuff at the moment. These eye pots are super cute and I’m a bit of a gold fan in the summer months as it’s goes so well with bronzed skin. This eye pot is super shiny, super easy to apply and blend and I’ve added a few bits to my highlighter recently to bronze it up a bit too!


This Sky Atlantic series took me quite by surprise. I knew I wanted to watch it and watched it across a weekend. It’s sort of a murder mystery mixed with Howard’s Way – remember that?

Also I absolutely fell in love with all the shirt dresses that Julia Stiles was wearing. Now, I’m shopping for my own!

My Panini Press from Lidl (not pictured because it’s currently in use 😂)

Life changer! Another recommendation from Sam was to buy the special offer Panini Press from Lidl. She was constantly messaging me with her delicious Panini recipes and I knew I had to get one. Within 4 hours of having it, I was in love with it. It’s definitely taken my heart away from the bread maker which was my absolute love a few years ago.

Best thing about it? So damn easy to clean and it’s so easy to use. I’m always thinking of random recipes too. Yum!

What have you been loving this month?

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