In Search Of A Night Cream… (Product Reviews)

One type of product that I’ve never really used is a specific night cream, more often than not I’ll just use my regular moisturiser or a good skin oil. But now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve been really trying to take care of my skin, so I thought it was about time that I found a great night cream. I was lucky to have some large samples to try out, I’d hate to fork out lots of money on something and then end up hating it.

After testing out a few different night creams, I found my ultimate night cream and y’all know that once I find something I LOVE, I’m hooked.  I thought I’d give you some mini reviews on the night creams that I tried and then tell you all about the greatest night cream EVER.

ELEMIS Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream – This cream is a nightly treatment empowered by Tri-Enzyme technology and is said to stimulate the skin’s natural cell renewal as well as smooth the skin whilst cellular respiration is at its optimum.
With ingredients such as shea butter, rice hull powder and jojoba seed oil work is meant to hydrate, soften, and polish skin for a fresher face overnight.
I got a large sample of this to try out, as it says it’s ideal for all skin types, especially dry, and perfect if you want a refreshed and vibrant complexion.
I used this night cream about six times in a row and whilst it was a little moisturising, I didn’t really notice any difference in my skin. It is quite expensive too, about €115 for 50ml, and if I was gonna fork out that kind of money, I’d want to look like at least ten years younger after one night. 😛

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream – I’m a big M&S fan, I only buy my bras, underwear and jeans from there and I love their food department, so I was really excited to try out this night cream and had read some glowing reviews of it.
It claims to make your skin look like you’ve had eight hours sleep (even when you haven’t). It says it will transform your skin with amazing benefits after just four weeks; skin appears less fatigued, deep lines appear reduced, and skin is firmer. Skin also looks healthier, has improved elasticity, feels softer and more supple, imperfections appear reduced, and your skin will look more radiant and bright.
I tried this cream out for about six plus weeks and I didn’t notice any difference in my skin, I was really disappointed, especially when it also says that when tested, 71% of people noticed results after just two weeks.
It had a lovely thick creamy texture which felt good on my skin, and a little goes a long way with this cream, but it wasn’t overly moisturising, which my dry skin needs and my skin didn’t seem any different by the time I finished using it.

NUXE Nuxellence DETOX Detoxifying and Youth Revealing Anti-Aging Care – I’m a big fan of NUXE products, I freakin love their Huile Prodigieuse, their Reve de Miel Creme Visage Ultra-Reconfortante Ultra Comfortable Face Cream and I would be lost without their Reve de Miel Lip Balm so when got this night cream in a gift set I was excited to try it out.
I like that it contains at least 91.7% natural ingredients, that impressed me, but unlike every other NUXE product I’ve tried this didn’t wow me at all.
It says it acts at the heart of skin cells to enhance cell renewal and detoxification overnight. It’s meant to recharge the skin with youth by repairing mitochondrial DNA and detoxifying cells at night.
Upon awakening, your complexion is meant to radiate a cool glow and night after night, your skin is apparently going to be regenerated, detoxified and recharged.
No doubt there are probably lots of people out there who love this cream but it did nothing for me. It says it can be worn by itself or with another night cream, I tried both ways and the only difference was that my skin felt a bit more moisturised when used with another cream.
I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent of it and the texture wasn’t that impressive, I think personally, for my dry skin, I need something a bit more heavy duty. This was just a very average cream in my opinion.

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream – I got quite a meaty sample of this in a Feel Unique Pick N Mix, I hadn’t even looked at anything about it, I didn’t even read about the brand, it was just a very spontaneous choice.
This night cream has hazelnut peptide which is meant to plump and firm, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Carrot oil, which is rich in pro-vitamin and boosts the production of collagen. It has plum almond oil which will help restore suppleness and soothe the skin while providing antioxidant defence against free radicals. The apple pectin in it will deliver long-lasting hydration and suppleness. It also has Hydro Mineral Transference™ that delivers minerals deep into the skin and leaves skin firmer, suppler and younger looking.
I quite liked this night cream, it’s had a thick buttery, creamy texture and was extremely hydrating. I managed to get about two weeks out of my sample as a little went a long way and I did notice a slight difference in my skin. It was only when I went to purchase a full size that I decided against it. A full-size cream costs…Wait for it…£110! Yeah, there was no way I was going to pay that. I do appreciate fancy things but ya girl here likes her bargains more. I could buy SIX tubs of the best night cream that I’ve ever had, which I’m going to tell you about now, for that price!

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream – I got a sample of this in a Feel Unique Pick N Mix and from the moment I put it on I was hooked and I immediately bought a full size of it.
It’s infused with Clary Sage, which is scientifically proven to provide intense hydration and helps increase your skin’s ability to retain moisture. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
You only need a small amount of this and it is very thick and moisturizing. I love that it’s not overly scented and I’ve actually used it in place of a moisturiser in the day time and it makes a great base for makeup.
Anytime I use it at night I always wake up with that wonderful soft, supple and smooth skin. I noticed a big difference in my skin after only a couple of uses. It’s really impressive.
Plus I love that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, a 50g tub only costs about £20, such a bargain compared to some of the other night creams I tried.

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