Current Favourites (May)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here for no other reason than laziness… sure I’ve been busy but how have I not found time to just write something.

Anyway, I thought I’d go through some of the products that I’ve been loving for the last month or so. It’s always a good way to read about products that others have been loving and it’s one of my favourite type’s of blog post to read.

Current Favourites

Ka-BROW! by Benefit

This is one of my most expensive brow purchases but has been well worth it. I’m not keen on the brush that comes with it and instead I used a eyeshadow slanted brush from seventeen. I love the buildable colour that this brings if you want something a bit more obviously done.

Kick Ass Concealer by Soap & Glory

I’ve had a couple of breakouts recently but haven’t felt that all of my skin needed a full coverage of make up. This concealer is a great way to cover up those little flaws and the three stage effect means it’ll last all day. I find with other concealers that I might need to correct again in a few hours but I don’t need to with this. Although I do like to top up the powder stage if needed.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Refresher

I absolutely LOVE the Schwarzkopf Colour LIVE range of products and I’m always choosing a red tone for my hair. I’m intrigued by the purple though and the blue.  Anyway… I had a coupon to try the colour refresher so I thought why not hey. I’ve managed to get 3 uses out of one pack, I think it helps because it’s a mousse and you seem to use too much at first and then you stop… rather than pouring out more than you need… if that makes sense. It’s a little messy but if you are a regular with hair dyes then you will not find it too bad*

This gave my hair colour a much needed vamp of red for nights out, it doesn’t fully cover roots but I found that it made them less noticeable. Gave me about another 1-2 weeks without having to fully dye my hair again, with added boosts throughout too. Also gave my hair a very good condition too. Love Schwarzkopf for hair products!

*I still manage to get dye in the weirdest places. Rooms I never went in through the whole dyeing experience and once on the back of my knee. I mean, HOW!

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip by Soap & Glory

I have this in Chocco Berry and also Pretty Muted but the former colour is my favourite lip shade… like ever! With my darker hair and the reddy tones I do find that my lips can look a little lost in my face as I’m always doing my eyes with eyeliner and mascara but my lips need some colour. I love the consistency of the matte lip and like that I can add a glossy look over the top if I want to. This has been the third time now that I have re-purchased it and I’m about a third through this one now!

L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

We are actually both BIG fans of this foundation. I took advantage of the recent 3 for 2 offer again in Boots to stock up. I like foundations that can build up a coverage as sometimes my skin can be almost perfect (on my scale that’s not perfect for anyone else!) and there are also days when my skin is just bleurgh. I really love everything about this and I like that it’s lighter to carry than a bottle of foundation. Yes, really! It also fits neatly into my make up bag. These things all count.

ROPA jewellery

I absolutely love the honeycomb necklace as I love bees! Their necklaces are so affordable and great quality too. They also have boxes throughout the seasons too. Would make a great gift!

Alpha H Liquid Gold

I got this in the Marks & Spencer advent calendar and at first I was extremely nervous about using it because it has glycolic acid in it. Whilst I don’t have particularly sensitive skin I read all the instructions and have not had one bad reaction to it at all. Instead I have noticed that after I do use it that my skin feels smoother, looks clearer and that my make up goes on better. I only use it once a week because I don’t really  want to be using it more than that. I realised when I grabbed the bottle for the photo that I have used about half of the 50ml bottle. I’m definitely getting the advent calendar again, so I hope this is in it again.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Everything is online these days and yes I know the blogging world hasn’t exactly helped with people preferring to read online more now. BUT I do like to have a good read through a magazine every now and then. Especially when some of them are regularly just £1 and also some also have some great freebies on them too!

Bracelet (used for styling) but I’m loving finding cheap and cute jewellery pieces on ebay, amazon and of course etsy.

There you go, that’s everything I’ve been loving recently. What about you?

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