The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – April – Happy Easter!

For us, the best thing about Easter is all the CHOCOLATE! We love chocolate, but there is something that we love more than chocolate, that’s CANDLES! 😀  We were so happy when our BFFs at Flamingo Candles sent us some Easter treats, they really made our Easter holidays.

Amongst our goodies was the latest Melt Crowd box, which was another winner!

The Melt Crowd is a monthly wax subscription box from Flamingo Candles. Each box contains eight delicious Scent Melts. The individual fragrances are a surprise – they include a combination of old favourites, current scents, new yet-to-be-launched scents and scents exclusive to The Melt Crowd. With your first box as a member of The Melt Crowd, you’ll receive a wax burner, to ensure you’re fully ready to explore Flamingo Candles’ amazing scents. You’ll also get a 20% discount code too with every box.

So what was in the Happy Easter Melt Crowd box?

Bunny KissesFluffy and creamy or sharp and tangy… The fragrance combines notes of juicy rhubarb and creamy caramel vanilla custard.

Sarah – Always a favourite! This was the first melted from this Melt Crowd and it straight away reminded me of Spring. I do love this scent all year round but there’s something very distinct about having this scent around the home at this time of year. Also it’s a bunny shape! Cute.

Sam – This is my favourite Flamingo Candles scent and one of my all time favourite scents ever, so I was very happy to see a little bunny in my box, I’m always very worried about my stash of Bunny Kisses running low.

Bunny Kisses is quite similar to rhubarb and custard sweets only fancier and more grown up, like a decadent rhubarb crumble with a rich, creamy vanilla custard. Oh! I love it so much, it makes me want all thing rhubarb, all the time.

Lavender & ChamomileA lavender floral fragrance with a fresh aldehydic fruity top note, floral body of lavender, rose, muguet and lily. The base note is of white musk, amber and orange blossom.

Sam – I love chamomile and chamomile scents, it’s such a natural, herby type fragrance, but unfortunately, me and lavender just don’t mix well together. This does smell really true-to-life as if it was packed with fresh lavender and dried chamomile.

If you’re in need of some de-stressing or relaxation then this scent would definitely be the way to go.  I do hope that Flamingo Candles bring out some more chamomile based scents, that’d make my inner hippie super happy.

Sarah – I don’t like lavender scents and this wasn’t something I’d have chosen. My Aunt loved it and when I visited her and she had this lit I did straight away know what it was. If you love a little alternative to the standard lavender scents then this would be perfect for you.

Lychee & PeonyA luscious fruity floral fragrance with notes of delicate lychee, supported by sweet floral peony.

Sarah – I wasn’t sure that I would like this one but this was a really close favourite of mine with the Juicy Pomelo. It’s much more of a floral scent than I normally like but I like to be surprised. Sometimes.

Sam – Y’all know by now that we’re not the biggest floral fans, but I really like this scent. I think it’s because when it’s melting the sweet, tropical lychee element really stands out and the peony adds a subtle feminine note to it.

Macaroon & AlmondDelightful and sugary, Macaroon & Almond is a creamy, edible smelling almond accord with dominant notes of sweet cherry and a hint of smooth coconut.

Sam – This is quite a luxurious fragrance, like imagine the fanciest, poshest cherry bakewell tart ever, with just a subtle hint of sweet coconut, it’s definitely one of my favourites from Flamingo Candles.

Sarah – I’ve never had one of these mixes of the two scents that I’ve not liked so it must be hard to get it wrong. But also there must still be pressure to get it right, also because you’d notice a bad mix straight off. Another great all year scent.


Sarah – Always a winner. Made me feel like eating Easter eggs at every opportunity was definitely the right thing to do. Would be such a great scent for some mixology too.

Sam – To me this smells like a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar, which I love! It makes me want to go buy a huge bar, melt it and make chocolate covered strawberries, one of my favourite decadent treats.

Juicy Pomelo

Sam – This smells like a zesty blend of grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon with a surprising hint of effervescence. It’s really bright and uplifting, perfect for this time of year.

Sarah – So… I Googled what a pomelo was because I wasn’t entirely sure and then realised the grapefruit scent I could smell was the main scent. Phew! Haha. This is such a clean and refreshing scent and would be great on a hot Summer’s day. It also made me want cocktails. 😉

Pineapple & RaspberryFreshly picked pineapples are complemented beautifully by bursts of tart, tasty raspberries, while hints of peach, apple and a touch of musk round it out with style.

Sarah – I loved the idea of this scent and loved it on a cold sniff but the scents seem to cancel each other out which was disappointing. They are two scents that I love but maybe not together.

Sam – I had high hopes for this scent as pineapple and raspberry are two of my all favourite fragrances but it just wasn’t as strong as I hoped. I think perhaps it needed more tart raspberry in it.

Bunny Pom-PomsA fruity sweet shop jelly bean fragrance with hints of pear and apple.

Sam – LOVE this one, y’all know how much I love apple scents and this really packs an apple punch! I think the pear element adds some sweetness to the tart apple aroma.

Sarah – Such a fun and fruity scent. I probably wouldn’t really relate this to being an Easter scent maybe but it’s definitely a get outside and have some fun one. It’s a really uplifting scent too, great for early mornings when you need the extra kick.

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