Filthy Velvet Me So Thorny Candle Review

We’ve been working with and LOVING Filthy Velvet since 2015, they’re a provocative and witty brand, created by Karen & Jeremy who wanted to have an offbeat brand that was feminine and masculine, sexy and modest, fun and serious, just like their personalities.

Their Vanilla, Peach & Lavender Filthy Bits Wax Melts are one of my favourite products for when I need some relaxation. You’ll know this by now, there are two scents that I generally just do not like, lavender and rose, so I was really surprised at how much I liked the Vanilla, Peach & Lavender aroma. Filthy Velvet really are masters at mixing fragrances, they make all those very different scents blend together flawlessly, so when I received their Me So Thorny rose scented candle to review, I wasn’t too nervous because I knew there’d be other elements and layers to it.

Me So Thorny is described as a delicate floral aroma of rose paired beautifully with warm sandalwood and spicy amber.

While this does smell mostly like roses, it’s not too strong and the sandalwood and the amber really mellow out the floralness of the scent, they made me really like it. They add a sort of spicy masculine element to it. It’s a really sexy scent, it’d be a perfect gift for him or for her for Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Filthy Velvet are kindly offering V&L fans a 20% discount off their products between now and the big day itself. Enter code VANILLA&LIME when checking out.

Filthy Velvet’s scented candles are made using only the finest fragrance oils, high-quality natural wax and cotton wicks and are all hand-poured. Once you have one of these saucy candles you’ll just see how much time, thought and effort go into them, they burn so well and so clean and have an incredible scent throw.

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