Flamingo Candles Mermaid Crush Purple/Pink Ombre Candle Review

Have I ever said how much I adore the colour purple?

I LOVE IT! Not a little, a lot. This candle really made my heart sing PURPLE. I love the ombre trend and especially in a candle it really brings out the gradual difference in colours. It’s obviously perfect for the mermaid theme too. Flamingo Candles know me well it seems.

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid!?

Calling all Mer-babes! For all past, present and wannabe mermaids our Mermaid Shack collection is created to celebrate the mystery, allure and beauty of the enchanted sea mistress.

Go ombre or go home! The most perfect statement candle, this ombre delight comes in a variety of three colourways and three fragrances.

A juicy scent with notes of watermelon, peach and lime.


The scent was absolutely lovely, a really uplifting, fun and fruity scent. I was actually a little surprised by the strength of the throw, because watermelon can be tricky to get a good scent from. The peach and lime really bring it out and it did make me think of exotic beaches, the sun and relaxation. Also maybe a few cocktails thrown in too…

I was naughty and didn’t keep a very good eye on my wick on my third burn so it did fall into the wax pool (insert crying face) but it was easily sorted! As we’re always telling other people, trim your wick! I need to listen to our advice. I blame the colder nights when you’re snuggled under your blanket and the slightest movement seems to bring arctic temperatures. Ha!

I got over 60 hours out of this and I loved everything about this candle. I was a little worried how the watermelon would be but as soon as I lit it I was so happy, it’s so fruity but not overpowering. I love the way the ombre colours mix together, I got such a beautiful wax pool which shows off how evenly this burned down.

I hope this range is going to stay around for a while as it’s definitely one collection to invest in.

So if you’re a Mer-babe, get on it!

See the Mermaid Shack collection HERE.

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