Flamingo Candles Sherry Trifle Stag Print Tin Candle Review

Ahhhhhhhh Christmas… yes I know it’s only November but now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, I now really start to think festive. No tree decorating yet though, don’t get too crazy just yet!

The lovely Flamingo Candles sent us both a box of goodies. One of mine was this gorgeous Sherry Trifle stag printed tin candle.


A contemporary Christmas tin candle with navy and pink stag print in a sweet, fruity, edible smelling accord of juicy fruits soaked in sherry with fruit jelly, sponge, cream and custard.

Flamingo Candles Sherry Trifle Stag Print Tin Candle Review

We’ve surely all had trifle before yes? We must all know of someone who loves to add that extra glug of sherry to their trifle, I think this was my first introduction to alcohol (ahem!).

As soon as you take the lid off the tin, your nose is smacked by red fruits. I knew this would be a favourite of mine for sure. Once it’s lit the sherry comes through and it really starts to fill the room with it’s fruity scent. I know not everyone is keen on the cocktail scents, so I want to add that whilst the sherry can be smelt it doesn’t overpower the fruits. The sherry just brings out the scent more. You can get the vanilla sweetness of the creamy custard and sponge too. Definitely a new festive scent favourite.

I’d happily burn this all year round for sure. I also love it for being an alternative to other Christmas scents that get brought out each year. Also this would be a fab gift! I really love the stag design on the tin too.

Flamingo Candles Sherry Trifle Stag Print Tin Candle Review

The candle lasts well over the 40 hours stated, I’ve had at least 50. The tin is £8.50 which is great value for money too. All their products have CLP labels, these are on the bottom of the candle tin.

Check out the rest of their Christmas range on their website.

We’ll be posting more reviews soon.

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