The Wooden Wick Candle Company Cinnamon & Apple Crackling Candle Review

You know how we love a bit of wick talk here on V&L… WICK, I said wick.

We both love wooden wicks and Sam has best described the sound of their distinctive crackle as being like the sound of rain on your window. It can be a distracting sound and it is all about personal choice. We both LOVE them.

Choosing a scent was definitely the hardest part of this review from The Wooden Wick Company. I mean, just look at all those scent choices! Wow. I chose Cinnamon and Apple because, it’s getting to that time of year but my shopping list is long! Their soy blend candles are £10.95 which is great value for money.

I loved the box that the candle was packaged in. A little extra security in the post and again for the price point, you can pay more for a candle without a box! 

The scent immediately hit my nose, Cinnamon and Apple is a real warming scent. It’s homely and also zingy, this felt like a great choice for the seasons changing. The crackle is so good and I put a video up on Instagram of that noise. Love it!

It burned down in the glass so well, I didn’t have to break off much of the wooden wick each time I used it. None of it broke/fell off, which I’ve had before with other brands. It also lasts and lasts, I got 42 hours out of this one. I’ve paid for more expensive candles and not got that burn time.

We’ve had a few comments from other readers and followers recommending these candles too. We’re in total agreement with them. All round I’ve loved reviewing this candle and can’t wait to get shopping for more!

You can read more about The Wooden Wick Company in our write up HERE.

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