Behind The Wick – Interview With Maddy from Maddison’s Melts

We so excited to be chatting to the super sweet Maddy from Maddison’s Melts in our latest Behind The Wick interview…

Tell us a little about yourself – what originally drew you to making wax melts and launching your own business?

Hi Guys! I’m Maddison (Maddy for short) I’m 23 years old and I am the proud owner of Maddison’s Melts. I sell a variety of beautifully scented 100% pure soy wax melts.

I have always been massively into scented products, candles, melts, you name it, I love it. I wouldn’t even like to think about how much I’ve spent in the past on home fragrance products, it’s easily a small fortune! I used to use regular candle brands like Yankee Candle but they never gave off the scent throw I wanted so I looked into making my own. I brought a small batch of everything I needed and they turned out great! They were such a hit with all my friends and family who then encouraged me to start up my own business making wax melts for others, so here I am now.

I always try to buy from small businesses now as I feel so much better supporting people’s dreams rather than just giving money to mass produced companies which are already well established and don’t need any promotion to get business. I also find small businesses take so much more time and care with the products they produce.

Tell us about the process that goes into making your lovely melts? What wax/products do you use?

I always use 100% pure soy wax for starters as its eco-friendly, burns cleaner and has no toxins which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies. Plus its longer lasting, soy wax burns cooler which means you can enjoy your melts for generally 30-50% longer than any made using paraffin wax which is always a plus everyone loves longer lasting products.

I also only use high quality fragrance oils that have been tried and tested before they go out to my lovely customers.


What’s your inspiration for coming up with new scents?

Everyone loves scents that trigger great memories so in my first release I’ve tried to go for scents that reminded me of great times in my life, like my childhood. I also went for scents I’ve smelled and love, all of which have gone down really well.

I’’ve also spoke with my customers to see if there is anything they would specifically like to see in my next release as I think that plays a massive part as everyone likes different kinds of scents.

What is your favourite scent of all the melts you make?

That is such a difficult question! I love them all and so many people have asked me the same question. If I had to choose I think I would go for Fluffy Pink Candy, it’s definitely a fave! It’s so sweet but so satisfying. It’s a Lush dupe of Snow Fairy and really reminds me of Christmas as that’s the only time you can purchase that product from Lush and it is defiantly one of my all-time favourites from them.

Are there any scent combinations you have tried that have turned into a total disaster? What about happy accidents?

I haven’t had any scent disasters as of yet, fingers crossed, as I try to leave all the mixing down to the experts. This has worked really out really well for me so far!

I’m always up for trying new random blended scents but haven’t come across a bad one yet.

Are there any other home fragrance brands that you like and buy from? (What are your favourite scents from those brands?)

One of my favourite brands has got to be WoodWick! I love all of their scents but my favourite has got to be Cherrybark, which is a blend of sugared maraschino cherries and whipped cream with notes of warm amber and plum. It’s so lush and I love the way when it burns you can hear the wick crackle, it’s great!

What five items would you take to a desert island? (One has to be something you sell…)

1. My Partner
2. Our Cat, Minion
3. Sunscreen
4. My Phone (I can use that for everything from contacting my family to taking photos!)
5. My Wax Burner and Melts (Can that count as 1?)


Have you any new and exciting creations planned that you’d like to share with us?

I have some very exciting Christmas ideas lined up for this year, but that would be telling. I’m going to be keeping those a secret for now but everyone will be sure to find out within the next few months so keep a look out on my Instagram account.

Stay tuned for some reviews from us of Maddison’s fabulous melts but until then be sure to show her some love on Facebook and on Instagram.

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