Secret Scents Lush Dupes Wax Melts Review

We’re big Lush fans here at V&L so when Emma from Secret Scents asked me if I wanted to try out and review some of her new Lush dupes wax melts I jumped at the chance.

All Secret Scents wax melts are handmade and contain the maximum percentage of fragrance that the natural soy wax can tolerate.

So what scents did I try out?


Yuzu & Cocoa – Yuzu and Cocoa is my all time favourite Lush scent, I just can’t get enough of it, this dupe is like a milder version of the original, I really enjoyed it. You have the bright, tartness of the yuzu and that creamy, decedent aroma of the cocoa, imagine like a super fancy and luxurious chocolate orange scent and that’s what this is.

Snowcake – I’m a creature of habit when it comes to Lush products and usually stick to what I know I like, like Yuzu & Cocoa or Snow Fairy, so I’ve never actually tried any of the Snowcake products, but after trying this melt, I’ll have to add them to my list.

This scent is crazy yummy, it smells like creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with sweet, rich marzipan. Om nom nom!

Sex Bomb – Again, this is another product I haven’t tried so I honestly couldn’t tell you if this is like the original. I do like it, it’s a very mild, feminine and floral fragrance. It’s a little bit sweet too which is always a good thing for me. I like that it isn’t too strong as more often than not I find strong floral fragrances very heady.


The first scent I tried was Sex Bomb and as I have quite a large burner I used the whole melt in it, I’ve gotten easily five tealights worth of fragrance out of it, 20-25 hours, which is incredible. You could easily divide these melts in halves or even quarters.

I loved Snowcake and Yuzu & Cocoa and wanted to get the most out of them so I used them in my electric warmers and got easily two days worth of scent out of a half of each of them. It wasn’t an intense aroma at first, like when melted with tealights, but it was a steady, even scent each time I melted them.

Overall I was quite impressed with the scents and if you love Lush like we do, then I’d definitely recommend these wax melts.

Secret Scents have heaps of Lush dupes available in their Etsy store, like Yog Nog, Snow Fairy, Comforter and many many more. Check them all out HERE.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us and be sure to check out Secret Scents on Facebook and on Instagram too.

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