Scentpick for July and August

A little late I know…

I told you all about Scentpick before and how the subscription service works. I will be getting my September perfume within the next few days and there’s been a few updates to the service. Nothing has changed in the price though! (Edit 4.11.16 new subscriber price is £14.99 per month)

My July perfume was Diamonds by Emporio Armani which I absolutely LOVED! It’s a perfume that I’ve purchased in Boots since and is now one of my go-to scents. 

The sensory blend is a surprising gourmand fragrance to give a stone a flavour and to a woman a self confident and audacious feeling.

The rose, a symbol of femininity is made edible and succulent through the addition of a touch of litchi and raspberry.

In July, the vials all had labels on as they weren’t labelled before. This was a yes for me in theory, it was something I had mentioned in a previous review but in practice, nope. The label got stuck so it was getting caught in the holder. I took it off straight away.

My August perfume was J’Adore by Dior which I’ve seen so much about. I’ve never smelled it before so this was a pure chance choice and it was wrong for me. Too floral for me and really didn’t sit well on me either. Smells good on my friend that I gave it to but wasn’t on me. 

This luminous, fresh floral is a new, elegant and radiant interpretation of J’adore’s bouquet. An elongated version of the perfume’s precious amphora captures the precious notes of a sparkling bouquet, with the essences of ylang-ylang and Turkish rose underscored by notes of plum.

In August the perfume had a rose gold style top, something I’m not following the blogger trend on. Doesn’t bother me what colour the top of it is really.

Scentpick has now let you pick your future perfumes a few months ahead and these are easy to change. The first couple of months I was told on the 1st of the month that I’d been charged but could only select my perfume from after this date. I much prefer being able to look at what’s available in advance.  My other ‘thing’ with this subscription is about the date really, the one that got sent out today is my September subscription… it is technically September still but pretty much all the other services like this post out by at least the 10th. It’s  purely because you only get about 4 days before they take the money for the next month.

I’m keeping my Scentpick subscription for now as there’s a few perfumes I want to try. I’ve had a good sniffing session in Boots and Debenhams so I’ve a real list now!

You can subscribe to Scentpick HERE.

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