PartyLite Find Your Signature Seasonal Fragrances & Reviews

We recently talked about how PartyLite had launched their new Signature partylite-find-your-signature-seasonal-fragrances-reviewsFragrances, a range of scents that are specially formulated to complement each other in any combination, well they’ve also launched a bunch of seasonal scents for Autumn and Winter and these can also be combined with each other or with any of the original scents to find the scent that speaks to you…your Signature Scent.

So what are the new Seasonal Signature Fragrances?

Balsam SnowFresh-cut balsam, crisp pine and frosted spruce invigorate in an uplifting evergreen bouquet.

This is like the scent of a fresh cut Christmas Tree but it has this almost minty, icy, freshness to it.  It’d really perk you up!

MistletoeA cheerful celebration of fresh winter pine, spruce and holly kissed with the essence of juicy apple.

Generally I wouldn’t be a fan of pine type scents, but the apple in this really does something to it. This is a really complex yet familiar fragrance.

Peppermint SnowflakeFrosty peppermint and spearmint swirled with sweet sugar and vanilla.

This is a really creamy, sweet and minty fragrance, almost like a decadent vanilla ice cream with festive candy canes in it.

CelebrationsLuxurious cranberry, red fruit and citrus notes are woven with the warmth of woods and vanilla.

This is the perfect scent for Christmas, it’s all those scents that we love most at Christmas time mixed together.

Winter BerriesRich, dark pomegranates add grandeur to a joyful mix of watery quince, black currant nectar and spiced cinnamon.

This is a fabulous scent, it’s has that dark fruit fragrance with some tartness and a hint of spice. One of my faves out of all of the seasonal scents.

Golden LeavesSunlit leaves meld with cinnamon bark to create a woody, spicy setting for sweet autumn apples and berries.

This scent is so crazy good. Myself and Sarah have been craving Autumn scents for a while now and this just screams Autumn. It’s spicy, woody, tart and ever so comforting. I’m for sure going to stock up on this scent.
If you like Leaves by Bath and Body Works then you will LOVE Golden Leaves, you’ll be like Bath and Body Works who?! 😛

Spiced PumpkinDecadent pumpkin spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg then wrapped in cream.

After a while some pumpkin based fragrances start to smell the same but there’s some different about this one, it’s a lot more rich and luxurious. I love the creamy element in it and it has just the right amount of spice too.

Maple WalnutRich maple flavor enhanced by the nuttiness of walnuts is deliciously layered with sweet vanilla and sugar strands.

This one just smells insanely yummy, I want to eat it! I’m loving nutty aromas at the moment and this is just so delectable and scrumptious. Another scent I’ll definitely be purchasing.

Winter ChestnutSparkling clementines and cranberries add brightness to spiced chestnuts as they slowly roast over a bed of sweet apple wood and smoked hickory.

This is such a crazy unique scent, the cranberries and clementines make it tart but then it has an intense smokey element to it as well. It lovely, would be amazing to having burning on a cold Winter night.

Starlight NightRustling aromatic leaves, fresh balsam and pine drift with sweet spices to evoke the crisp, refreshing air of the season.

This reminds me of incense, it has that powdery element that incense has. It’s herbal and masculine and the spices give it a real kick.


Really love the Seasonal Signature Fragrances, the selection has everything that I’ve been craving recently. There’s so many great scents to choose from and something to suit everyone.

So what seasonal scents would you mix together to create your Signature Scent? Let us know in a comment below and be sure to show Shirley some love on Facebook and Twitter.

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