PartyLite Find Your Signature Everyday Fragrances & Reviews

PartyLite have recently launched their new Signature Fragrances, a range of scents PartyLite Find Your Signature Everyday Fragrances & Reviewthat are specially formulated to complement each other in any combination. Combine two to find the scent that speaks to you…your Signature Scent.

Our dear friend and fabulous PartyLite consultant, Shirley, kindly sent me some samples of these new scents to test out and review. She really knows how to feed my addiction! 😛

So what are the new Signature Fragrances?

Sun Kissed LinenThe fine, powdery freshness of perfectly crisp linens, romanced by touches of florals, musk and light woods.

Y’all know I’m not a huge fan of clean cotton type scents, I find them very artificial and too powdery, but there’s something different abut Sun Kissed Linen; it’s very neutral and pleasant and really does smell like linens hung out to dry on a warm, sunny day.

MoonlightA fresh aromatic highlighted with touches of fig and vetiver that exudes the crispness of the nighttime woods.

This scent is just incredible, it’s very masculine and a bit sexy. The fig adds a sweet, fruity element this rich and deep earthy aroma. It’s definitely one of my faves in this new collection.

Black CurrantSpiced citrus and red berries dance around a juicy black currant and dark plum base.

This is a really complex and vibrant fragrance. The citrus and red berry elements some tartness to it, the blackcurrant gives it some sweetness and the plum note really makes it sort of dark and spicy.  This scent would be perfect for Autumn.

Island ParadiseA succulent burst of tangerine and pink grapefruit laced with hints of rose and water lily radiates the freshness of island air.

When I think of tropical type fragrances they usually involve pineapple and/or coconut, so this one is super unique. The tangerine and pink grapefruit make it quite tart and citrussy and the rose and water lily combined make it warm and tropical. Generally, I think that rose can make fragrances a bit too heady but in this case it just adds sweetness to it.

Sparkling AmethystShimmering raspberry and dark plum swirled with rich fig and tobacco.

I am OBSESSED with this scent, I just can’t get over how fab it is. The raspberry adds a tart element to it, the plum and fig make it really sweet and juicy and the tobacco element makes it sort of musky and spicy, like a mandle.

Red Apple OrchardCrisp, mouth-watering apples glimmering with dewy green notes.

I LOVE my apples scents, this one in particular is just yummy. It smells like juicy, sweet red apples as well as tart green apples mixed with leaves, wood notes and greenery.

Bamboo WatersDelicate touches of jasmine and lily of the valley add floral allure to a crisp blanket of bamboo.

I’m quite unsure about this particular fragrance, it is quite a floral scent but it’s not overpowering and the bamboo adds a clean, fresh element to it; I don’t hate it, I just don’t think it’s for me. If you do like floral and fresh fragrances then you’ll love Bamboo Waters.

Marshmallow VanillaThe pure, familiar sweetness of a marshmallow and whipped vanilla delight drizzled with caramel and brown sugar.

This scent is insanely good. You’d imagine it would be very sickly sweet but it’s more of a warm vanilla fragrance. Marshmallow Vanilla could be mixed with anything and it’d smell incredible.

Woodland PathSun-warmed woods and amber are highlighted by glistening touches of green leaves and citrus.

I find amber based scents to be really comforting and the greenery and wood notes in this make this scent sort of dark and masculine and the citrus mellows everything out. This is a perfect scent for those cooler Autumn nights.

Sunset WoodsThe deep, earthy notes of oak moss and sandalwood mingled with rich, aged leather to capture a glowing warmth.

This is another dark, mandle type scent but is really unique.  You can really smell the aged leather, think of man wearing a leather jacket and some woody, musky cologne. This scent would be amazing mixed with something like Sun Kissed Linen.


Overall, I like the majority of the scents, my favourites are Sparkling Amethyst and Marshmallow Vanilla, which I’ll definitely be buying. I’m also liking Woodland Path too, it’s very unique.

So what scents would you mix together to create your Signature Scent? Let us know in a comment below and be sure to show Shirley some love on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. Awh thank you. 😀 Oh seriously it’s such a unique fragrance, couldn’t get over it. I plan on doing a BIG PartyLite haul, been totally craving Autumn/Winter scents.

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