Must Have Autumn Scents From Love Aroma

Cosy up with the best scents this autumn.


Leaves are falling and the nights are getting darker. Autumn is inviting us to get cosy! There is no better way to add a touch of autumn magic to your home than with a warm and comforting scent.

Love Aroma have the best selection when it comes to this seasons must have fragrances. So switch the kettle on, snuggle up and discover this seasons our must have scents from this wonderful store…


WoodWick Pumpkin Muffins CandleWarm pumpkin puyree combined with sweet muffin batter, nutmeg and black molasses.

Famous for it’s soothing sound of a crackling log fire when burning, Woodwick scented candles are made out of a high quality soy wax blend which produces a slow, clean burn.

WoodWick Autumn Comforts Trilogy CandleAutumn Comforts is a premium WoodWick candle that provides a beautiful blend of coloured wax and fragrances. Crafted in layers, each new layer of Autumn Comforts contains an earthy new fragrance.

Sonoma Sunset – Conjuring up images of ancient sun-soaked buildings, Sonoma Sunset brings a fruity peach aroma mingled with bergamot, cinnamon, sweet balsam, and vanilla.
Pumpkin Butter – Combing a delicious blend of fresh pumpkin, warm spices, and sweet buttery notes, this fragrance is all about Autumn’s favourite flavours.
Apple Crisp – A scrumptious dish of fresh apple slices baked in gooey caramel, topped with buttery crumb crust. Apple Crisp drives the sweetness of Autumn Comforts.

Stoneglow Plum & Blackberry Botanical Fishbowl CandlePlum and Blackberry is the scent of crushed blackberries, juicy plums and zesty cassis sitting on a sumptuous base of precious woods and sensuous amber.

Stunning when lit, this reusable gel curve-shaped candle is created by hand using real botanical pieces to add both scent and festive style to your home. When the natural wax candle has finished, simply use a tea light or votive candle to reuse the gel candle vase.

Kringle Candle Frosted Cranberry A festive treat that is crisp and tart with a sweet surprise.

Yankee Candle Autumn Night Large JarNew from Yankee Candle for Autumn 2016.
The autumn evening invites with brisk earthiness and dreamy interludes of lavender and woodland notes.

Lampe Berger Perle Prune LampLampe Berger lamps function as an air purifier, fragrance diffuser and an ornament in one.

Ashleigh & Burwood Rhubarb & Wild Gooseberry FragranceRobust and distinctive; rhubarb and wild gooseberry are perfectly blended to create this delicious scent. The tart nature of these fruits is tempered with hints of tantalising apple, pear and violet notes, whilst soft wood undertones add depth at the base.

Paddywax Relish Fig & Cardamom Diffuser A scent of sweet, oriental and woody notes that that has a calming effect on the senses.

Yankee Candle Autumn Fruit Ultimate Single Car Jar Reminiscent of crisp autumn air with orchard fruit breezes blissfully brisk and woody. Neutralises odours and freshens the air in vehicles and small spaces, such as gym lockers and pet areas.

What are your favourite scents for autumn? Let us know in a comment below. Be sure to follow Love Aroma on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram to keep up with their latest news and product features.

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