Vix Wix Lemon & Lime Cooler Wax Melts Review

I’ve been loving reviewing Vix Wix products recently, I really think handmade products are the way to go. With Vix Wix products you can see how much time, thought, effort and love goes in to them. I still can’t go over how long I got out of my Love Spell melts, you can read that review HERE.

My latest product to review is some Lemon & Lime Cooler Wax Melts.

Vix Wix Lemon & Lime Cooler Wax Melts

I love bright and zesty scents, especially when I’m working from home. I find they keep me alert and help me get things done faster.

Lemon & Lime Cooler is a cool, refreshing citrus fragrance, it reminds me of 7UP or Sprite, it’s like you can really smell the fizziness in it.

Vix Wix Lemon & Lime Cooler Wax Melts Review

All Vix Wix products are made with soy wax and jammers with fragrance, I got about 15+ hours worth of scent out of one cube of Lemon & Lime Cooler, which is super impressive.

Each clamshell pack of wax melts contains six cubes and are £3.99, which is great value. Vix Wix has lots of great scents to choose from like Cotton Fresh, Sunshine Fruit, Very Cherry, Ocean Breeze, Forest Fruits and many, many more. Plus they have heaps of wax products and accessories to choose from. Head on over to their store and treat yourself.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us and be sure to show Vix Wix some love  on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram and check out their Etsy store, HERE, too.

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