NEW Happy Hour Pintail Candles On Sarah Lou Ltd.

Our buddy Sarah Lou has added some new Happy Hour inspired Pintail Candles to her fabulous shop. I mean, like, she had us at Happy Hour!

We freakin LOVE cocktails, well most booze really lol, so having cocktail scented candles is just beyond awesome.

Check them out…

Happy Hour Pintail CandlesLeft-Right

Gin & TonicThe refreshingly crisp scent of Gin & Tonic, bursting with fresh juniper and a dash of sparkling citrus – a take on a timeless classic.

Sloegasm A sumptuous and seductive fragrance combination, featuring crisp woody notes of sparkling wine mingled with the lusciously rich aroma of sloe gin – this sloegasm candle is alluring and addictive.

MojitoA delicious blend of zesty lime and crushed mint, with a generous glug of white rum. Sharp citrus top notes are balanced perfectly by a delicately sugared base to create the classically cool and invigorating scent of a Mojito.

Moscow MuleKeep the good times rolling with Moscow Mule – a lively and refreshing cocktail fragrance, bursting with sparkling ginger and cola, finished with a hint of zesty citrus.

MargaritaEvoking sunshine and lazy days this zingy fusion of sun-drenched oranges and sweet lime are combined with the sharp scent of tequila to create the deeply aromatic fragrance of the Margarita cocktail.

ProseccoLight and decadent, this Prosecco scented candle oozes sophistication – the crisp, clean fragrance of sparkling wine is infused with the merest hint of fresh summer berries.

I think Moscow Mule would be my favourite but they all just sound incredible.

So which one will you be treating yourself to? Let us know in a comment below.

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Stay tuned for more products features and reviews from us.

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