Scentiments UK Wax Pods Review

Scentiments UK sent me some products recently to review, you can read my review of their Pic’N’Mix Wax Melts HERE, now I’ll be reviewing some of their larger wax pods.

Scentiments UK Wax Pods Review 1

Look at all the bright colours, aren’t they so pretty?!

So what scents what I given to review…

Rock Salt & Driftwood – I’m such a fan of salt mixed in with anything. This is a really masculine, oceanic type fragrance.  It’s a really fresh scent with some musky elements too. This would be a great scent for your bathroom. There’s something kind of spa like about it.

Wild Woods – This is another masculine type scent, it reminds me of a fresh cut grass type fragrance but with lots of musk, wood and mossy type elements.

Sherbet Lemon – This is exactly how you’d imagine, just like those delicious sweets that we all love. It just oozes zest and fizziness. The perfect uplifting aroma.

Meditation – This is a really calming and unique scent. When I first saw it, I expected a nag champa type fragrance based on the name and while it does have that slight powdery-ness to it that nag champa has, it’s very different. Meditation is sort of sweet and a little bit floral, and very feminine. I can detect some sweet orange in it and some musk or sandalwood type elements and some mild greenery notes too. It’s quite complex but not overpowering at all.

Berries & Frankincense – I didn’t know quite what to make of this scent when I first saw it but actually it turned out to be my favourite of all the wax pods I tried. It’s a very fruity fragrance with just a hint of spice. I really loved it.

Scentiments UK Wax Pods Review 2

Each pod is a whopping 50g of soy wax and they are £1.25 each or five for £5 which is a great deal.

I got about three to four tealights (12-20 hours) out of half of a pod, which is pretty good. These pods are big enough you could even divide them into quarters to get more bang for your buck.

Scentiments UK have lots of great offers on in their popular Facebook group, you check them all out HERE.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us and be sure to show Scentiments some love on Twitter and on Instagram too.

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