Christmas in July with Not On The High Street

Crazy story but in retail you’ve always got to be a step ahead. It might be summer (weather fairies need to be kinder to us, more sun please) but you’ve got to plan for Christmas and when it’s almost Christmas, you need to be planning for Easter and so forth. Basically, it’s a lot of planning ahead.

We both adore Christmas and could quite happily talk about this festive time all year round. We don’t even just burn Christmas scented candles in December!

When Not On The High Street invited me to their Christmas in July event I was SO excited. Let’s be honest we all ADORE their website don’t we? The personalisation available for gifts really does make gift giving so much simple and unique too.

The event was a lovely afternoon, the weather had actually brightened up but I didn’t even want to escape to go and have a sunbathe. I was too busy looking at all the amazing pieces that will be available this Christmas.

I straight away spotted Candelle & Co, their candles have been a real home inspiration recently. I just love the way they have put various quotes on their candles. LOVE! Also spotted the initial personalised candles from Lily Belle too.

Stationery was the next love, who doesn’t love stationery? I noticed a few bits were personalised already with my name on. Fate or what! I loved the notebooks from Love Great Ink – great for brain dumps, general notes or world domination thoughts. We all have them.

The Christmas table was beautiful, I’ll take a set of everything on the table please. So beautiful. I’ll admit that I probably inside squealed at seeing the tree and the fireplace all decorated. It’s the inner child that escapes every year when the home looks so festive and cheery.

I loved the jewellery, I was careful to not spend too much time in that section because I probably would have needed dragging away. Oh the embarrassment!

The children’s section was OH SO CUTE! Everything. I mean everything was just adorable. Whilst I love Christmas, it really is a great time to treat/spoil your kids and there were so many ideas here to do just that!

Also I got to find out about TWO amazing companies. Not one, TWO. Gin Tales who did this amazing gin tasting that I was invited to, her flavours are amazing. For Christmas they will have a special Christmas Pudding Gin and I don’t even like Christmas pudding and I could happily have had more than one glass!

Empire Chocolates was the second company, wow! If I wasn’t already over impressed by the gin then hold on, these chocolates are your next level beauts. They look amazing, too good to eat? Nothing is too good to eat you fools. EAT! Literally these are by far the best chocolates I’ve had in a long time. Honestly, if you need chocolates – get these! Thoroughly recommend the salted caramel ones, orgasmic!

So my day was gin, chocolate, candles, stationery, Christmas reflections and kids spoilery ideas. Basically my wishlist got a whole lot longer and that can never be a bad thing!

Check out all the goodies on Not On The High Street and now and stayed tuned for all the Christmas loveliness coming soon.

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