NEW Inside Out Wax Sampler from The Milk & Cookie Candle Co.

Our bestest buddies at The Milk & Cookie Candle Co. have literally made our year, nay, our lives, by launching an Inside Out Inspired Wax Sampler!

Inside Out has to be one of our all time favourite movies and when Trish told me she was making a wax sampler dedicated to it, I was just like “SOLD!” I immediately requested clamshell tarts in each scent, without even knowing what they were at the time. That’s just how much I trust Trish and LOVE LOVE LOVE her products.

When I did find out the scents I was just beyond excited!

So what’s in the Inside Out wax sampler?

Inside Out

Joy’s Sunshine & Lollipops – A luscious blend of lemon squares, candied lemon lollipops, juicy sweet pineapple and sparkling lemon lime fizzy pop.

Eek! Where’s My Panic Button! (Fear) – Tart juicy raspberries blended with tropical guava and zesty passion fruit and then a splash of fizzy Hawaiian punch thrown in for some sweetness.

Anger’s Flaming Hot Madness – Sugary sweet Red Hots candy, fresh sweet orange zest and just a touch of fiery chili peppers.

Disgust Is A Must – A sour but sweet blend of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers with summery, sweet juicy watermelon and freshly picked Granny Smith apples.

Boo Hoo Berry (Sadness) – A berrylicious blend of ripe blueberries, Cap’n Crunch Berries and vanilla infused with forest fruits.

Bing Bong’s Fluffy Goodness – Sugary sweet pink cotton candy, buttery creamy caramel, candied peanuts and a subtle hint of caramelized brown sugar.

Rainbow Unicorn’s Yummy – A magical blend of tangy and fizzy rainbow sherbet, sweet vanilla buttercream cupcakes, delectable angel food cake and lots of fluffy marshmallows.

AMAZING! Don’t they all just sound so yummy.

The sampler will contain seven 2 oz scent pops in each fabulous scent and can be pre-ordered now, HERE. By pre-ordering you’ll be guaranteed one of the first samplers when they are made.  Eeeee!

To make things even better, Trish has a 40% discount code for the rest of the month of June, simply enter code JUNE40 when checking out.

Happy shopping everyone!

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