Shining Sol Candle Co. Hooked Me Up!

A few weeks ago I was absolutely jonesing for anything marshmallow scented and amongst all my hoards of wax goodies how many marshmallow scented products do you think I found???
I was shocked, how could this be? I love my sweet/food scents.

Anyway, I sent out a distress tweet and our dear friends at Shining Sol Candle Co. came to my rescue and made me some wax melts.

Shining Sol Candle Co

Campfire Marshmallow and Marshmallow are not two of Shining Sol’s regularly stocked scents, but they were still able to work their magic and make me up some wax melts.

Check out their full range of wax melts HERE

Campfire Marshmallow is a lovely combination of the warm aroma of smoky oak wood, blended with a sweet sugary marshmallow scent. I find there’s some musky elements to it as well, that give it a sort of masculine tone and y’all know we love our mandle type fragrances. This is just fabulous and is definitely one of my favourite scents this year.

Marshmallow is a delicious scent that reminds me of opening a fresh bag of sweet creamy fluffy marshmallows. It sweet and delectable. This scent would great for doing some mixology, I think it would be delicious with some fruity type fragrances.

I tested these melts in an electric warmer and had a great throw out of one cube for about two days, which is pretty awesome. I’ve had products before where you get an intense scent for about five minutes and then just nothing, so to have a continuous fragrance is always good.

Super impressed with these wax melts and I’m so grateful to our buddies for hooking me up.

Shining Sol’s awesome production team continues to innovate design and improve the home fragrance-making process, and their creative team works nonstop to come up with new exciting scents and colours.

Did you know that Shining Sol can combine your brand, with their amazing candles, so that you can offer private label candles to your customers or clients. What a great idea, everyone loves candles! They also have wonderful Fundraising Programme too, check that out HERE. We just LOVE Shining Sol, they’re cool and just rock the most.

Stay tuned for more brand and product features from us here at V&L and be sure to our buddies at Shining Sol some love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Pinterest too.

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