Baltic Amber by Essence Candles Review

We’ve already mentioned Essence Candles on our blog before, check this link HERE to read how awesome they are.

I was really excited about reviewing one of their Pour Homme Collection candles – Baltic Amber. There are three scents in this collection, Baltic Amber, Attar Oudh and Golden Woodlands. We do love our mandle scents as you know and this is definitely one to add to our favourites. Absolutely in love with this!

This candle is £12 and they donate 20% of the sales of each of the Pour Homme collection to the Bearded Villains UK London Marathon Fund in aid of Barnados. 

Everything about this candle was amazing. Baltic Amber is more of a sweeter Amber scent and it’s done so well to keep it from being too much of a food sweet smell. Because I think then it sort of loses the mandle type favourite scent. This is more of a sweet wood scent and I love it so much for that. As a lot of people know, I’m someone who loves vanilla scents but I love smelling all the different variations nowadays. So the vanilla in this really made me fall in love with this even more.

The scent is amazing on a first sniff but naturally once lit it transforms your home into a mandle heaven. The quality of the wax is so good, it burnt down so evenly that there is barely a trace of wax on the sides. I also love the black jar that it came in, will be great to reuse it.

For the price, these candles are so worth it. I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve seen so far of their products online. Getting to be able to review one of their candles has just proved that they are ones to keep on my ever lengthy list!

Check out their Etsy shop and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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