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We’re big fans of Potters Crouch Candles here at V&L so when I noticed that our buddy Sarah Lou was having a wicked awesome sale, I knew I had to stock up.

Sarah Lou Ltd. is based in the UK and I’m based in Ireland which can mean expensive shipping costs for both parties, so having recently just signed up to AddressPal with An Post (the Irish postal system) I decided to try that out. Basically what it is is, if you live in Ireland and want to purchase from the UK they give you a UK address to use, your shopping gets delivered there and then brought to Ireland and you collect it at your local post office. It costs €3.50 per package, which you pay upon collection, and really that’s nothing compared to regular post or couriers.

So I gave it a go. Sarah Lou sent me a tracking number for the courier she uses and it showed that my package arrived at the UK address I was given this past Friday, then on Tuesday morning I got a text saying my package was ready for collection at my local post office. I was so shocked! It only took three working days!
So if you’re in Ireland and love online shopping than I can’t recommend this service enough, and no this post is not sponsored. I just want everyone to have nice things and not get screwed over on shipping expenses. I’m so happy I’ll be able to buy so many nice things from Sarah Lou all the time now. 🙂

So what did I buy?

Sarah Lou Ltd

Potters Crouch Fireside CandleA warm woody blend of ash, birch and walnut.

Sarah Lou kindly sent me this candle as a little pressie which I’ll be reviewing on here soon. She said it’s one of her all time favourite scents but she wanted to know what I thought of it as it generally divides the masses and is a love/hate sort of fragrance.
Well I personally LOVE it! It’s really unique and not at all what I thought it would smell like when I first saw it.
The best way I can think to describe it is, take a really sexy smelling man, then take a huge bonfire, now throw the man on it. 😛 It’s very musky and woody, if you love manly scents, or earthy scents than you’ll really like this one.

Potters Crouch Plum Pudding CandleSweet juicy raisins, sultanas and currants with nutmeg and mixed spice.

This scent is completely different than I expected, in a good way.  I assumed it would be a deeper sort of plum fragrance with lots of spice but actually it reminds me of a grape soda type fragrance with very subtle spice elements. It’s YUM!

Potters Crouch Tropical Punch Wax MeltsMouthwatering citrus blend of pineapple, orange, guava, carambola & ginger.

I never even realised that Potters Crouch did wax melts, so it was such a nice surprise to see some available. I’ve had this scent before in candle form (you can read my review HERE) and I really liked it so I decided to give the melts a go. I like that they can be used (and have been tested) in electric warmers and they say that each melt gives over forty hours of fragrance which is awesome. They’re HUGE too!

Potters Crouch Bourbon Vanilla CandleA sweet blend of Reunion, Comoros & Madagascan Vanilla extracts.

This is a very grown up vanilla scent and I’m really impressed with it. It’s a rich fragrance and there’s so much depth to it unlike regular ol vanilla scents.

Potters Crouch Coconut & Almond CandleSweet Caribbean coconut with subtle almond heart notes.

I am obsessed with this scent, I want to eat it and wear it as a perfume!
Imagine a eating a decadent almond cake on a warm tropical island whilst sipping a refreshing pina colada, that’s what this is in fragrance form.

Potters Crouch Pomegranate CandleSweet pomegranate with notes of plum & raspberry blended with pink & black peppercorns.

I’m a bit unsure about this scent, it feels more like a strong perfume fragrance rather then a fruity fragrance which is what I was hoping it would be. I can definitely smell the peppercorns and there are some fruity elements, but I was hoping the sweet pomegranate and the tart raspberry would stand out more. I’ve yet to burn it, so maybe those other fragrance elements will come through when it’s melting.

Potters Crouch Spiced Apple CandleSweet juicy bramley apples with a dash of warm cinnamon.

I love apple scents, y’all know that, so I couldn’t not get this candle, but generally the apple scents that I prefer are the more tart ones, this one is definitely more sweet. I do like it, especially with the heaps of cinnamon in it, but I think I would’ve preferred a more tart scent.

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