Lollyrocket Wax Tarts Review

Lollyrocket kindly sent me some of their wax tarts to review. I really loved the candle they sent me, you can read that review HERE so I was super excited to try out their wax tarts.

As with their candles, Lollyrocket’s wax tarts are handmade using 100% natural soy wax and the finest fragrance oils.

The first two scents I tried out were Violet & Lime and Lime Sherbet

Lollyrocket Violet & Lime

Violet & Lime is described as “the subtle sweetness of Parma violets with a hit of fresh citrus limes.”

I like Parma Violet scents, but sometimes I find they can be too violety and floral and that doesn’t make me think of the delicious sweets. I really enjoyed this version because it had the lime element in it, which made it smell sorta fizzy.

I used half of a wax tart in my candle burner and got about 12-16 hours (three or four regular tealights) of super strong fragrance out of it. We have a large open space living area and for the scent to last that long and be that strong, really impressed me.

Lollyrocket Lime Sherbet

The next scent I tried was Lime Sherbet which is described as “a wonderfully zingy citrus sherbet fragrance.”

I really love lime as a scent and this particular fragrance was just incredible! It was so zesty and fizzy and really perked me up.

This one was definitely stronger than the Violet & Lime tart and I got easily about 20 hours, if not more, out of half a melt. So very, very impressed!

You can use the whole melt if you want and if it fits in your burner but I like that you can easily break off smaller chunks for melting and store the remainder in the re-sealable pot for later use. I think you get so much more out of them that way.

Lollyrocket tarts can be used in candle burners and electric warmers. Generally I like to use my electric warmers but I used a candle burner with these, I think for the rest of my melts I’ll try them in an electric warmer. I reckon with the lower heat I’ll get even longer out of them.

Stay tuned for more Lollyrocket reviews from us but until then be sure to show Lollyrocket some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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