H&M Candle & Homeware Haul

So when H&M first launched their range of home décor and accessories I was so happy. All the products were so stylish and very budget friendly, the only problem was that they didn’t ship to Ireland. Boooo!

Well that just changed and I couldn’t be happier! As soon as I heard the news I was on the site and filling up my virtual shopping basket.

So what did I buy?

H&M Home Haul

Patterned Yellow Cushion Cover / Canvas Yellow Cushion Cover / Green Pineapple Scented CandleTurquoise Bath Towel / Silver Pineapple Candle / Large Gold Pineapple Serving Dish / Leaf Patterned Tea Towel / Banana Patterned Tea Towel / Grapefruit Patterned Tea Towel

I thought the bright yellow cushion covers would brighten up our living room during Spring and Summer and they were a complete bargain at only €2.99 each!

I bought two of the turquoise bath towels for our guest bathroom, I love the colour and the pattern and think they’ll add to the beachy-chic style that we have going on in it. They were only €4.99 each!

I loved the tacky gold pineapple serving dish, basically I love all things tacky so I wasn’t not going to get it and I think it’d look cute in our funky kitchen.
I’d been searching for cute tea towels for ages, really bright coloured ones and H&M have such a great selection of them so I got the three quirkiest patterned ones I could find.

I have to admit I wasn’t overly impressed with the scent choices in all the candles that H&M had to offer, a lot of floral fragrances, so I only bought one scented one. If I like it and it burns well I’ll buy more.  I bought the small silver pineapple candle purely for decoration. It’s too cute!

Have you bought any H&M candles before? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in a comment below.

Stay tuned for more product features and hauls.

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