Flamingo Candles Haul

In case you didn’t know already, we’re HUGE Flamingo Candles fans here at V&L. We’re so lucky to get products to review but that doesn’t stop us from buying heaps of stuff from them.

They recently launched their WILD Collection, inspired by cool things from the 90s and whilst we’re not big fans of their new Dewberry scent and I know for sure I wouldn’t like their White Musk scent, Lemon Alcopop and Strawberry Millions were like made for me and the funky packaging just screams my name.
Now if only we could get body glitter gel, Baby G watches and tiny butterfly hair clips back in fashion. 😛

So what did I buy in latest Flamingo haul?

Flamingo Candle Haul

WILD 90s Lemon Alcopop Candle and 2 x Scent Melts Quite possibly THE invention of the 1990s, Lemon Alcopop is a fruity and fizzy scent, consisting of a mix of lemon, grapefruit and floral notes.

Oh the memories (or lack of memories 😛 ) of going to the local under 18s disco and smuggling in Smirnoff Ices, ah to be young again. My taste for alcohol has since greatly matured and I haven’t drank a Smirnoff Ice probably since my early 20s but this does bring memories.

I love the fizziness in this scent and the fragrance is so uplifting, just like the first alcopop that you ever drank.

WILD 90s Strawberry Millions Candle and 2 x Scent MeltsThese bad boys were part of our staple diet in the 90s! A sickly sweet and moreish scent, Strawberry Millions is a blend of green strawberries and sherbet with a hint of vanilla.

I can’t really remember the taste of Strawberry Millions but oh wow this candle smells so yummy. They had me at “sickly sweet” that’s just how I love my candles. If you like your sweet, foody and fruity scents then you’ll go nuts for this fragrance.

I’ve already had Strawberry Cream Tea and Spring Break scent melts from the Spring Summer 2016 collection but wanted to try the other fragrances so I bought a scent melt in each…

Acai Berry Scent MeltA vibrant and sparkling blend of juicy red acai berries, goji and cassis. A super power blend!

This is a really zesty fragrance, I quite like it. It’d be a great scent if you needed some perking up.

Espresso Scent MeltA rich, dark, indulgent coffee fragrance with a hint of vanilla and woody notes. The perfect energy reviver.

You know the smell of freshly brewed coffee that quickly wafts through your entire home? That’s what this is in wax form. This may be my new favourite coffee fragrance and I’ll definitely be buying the candle in it.

Fresh Aloe Scent MeltA watery crisp green aloe highlighted with sparkling fruity melon notes underpinned with a delicate water lily and white jasmine bouquet. Soft white musk and creamy woods add balance to the blend.

I’ve had aloe scents before, like aloe and cucumber or aloe and melon, they’ve always been quite fresh and spa like scents but I find the waterlily and jasmine in this particular scent make seem just like a floral fragrance. I’m hoping that when it melts it’ll be more fresh.

Although Flamingo Candles are masters at mixing all those different scents together to make such unique and complex aromas, do you ever find that sometimes you just want a simple, more plain scent? Well with their Scent Eggs that’s just what you get. No muss, no fuss fragrances, simple scents you know you’ll like every time.

Now you can use them on their own or if you want to you can mix them up, to create wild and wonderful simple scent combinations.

I decided to give them a go and went for the Pick ‘n’ Mix option and went with Cherry, Coconut, Orange and Peach as my four scent choices and seriously y’all, I may have just invented the best scent ever, the four fragrances mixed together are so delicious! I just love the Scent Eggs and am definitely going to try some in other scents soon.

Have you bought any goodies from Flamingo Candles recently? Let us know what you got in a comment below.

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