Cotswold Candle Company White Mulberry Candle Review

We’ve told you all about the Cotswold Candle Company before HERE. I was asked to choose one of their scents for a review and I selected the White Mulberry wood wick candle.

You’ll know that there are a few scents that I’ve been obsessed with recently; pomegranate, rhubarb and also mulberry. So naturally this one intrigued me and it has a wood wick. We both love our wicks of a wooden persuasion! If you’ve not had a wood wick candle before then we totally recommend them. The candle sounds like a real fire crackling away, it’s a real calming noise but you might also find it distracting. Personally I love them!

White Mulberry is described as…

“A sophisticated floral aroma that combines this beautiful berry with notes of rose, mimosa, rosemary and jasmine. Our absolute favourite.”

The choice surprised Sam as I’m not one for floral notes but I’m so obsessed with mulberry that this intrigued me. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The floral tones mix so well with the berry and every time I either walked past or into the room, I smelt something new from it. The candle would be great for the bathroom or the bedroom. The candle burnt down so well which is aided by the quality of the wax and the wood wick too. I was super impressed!

Also the price point of £18 is another impressive part. My candle lasted well over 40 hours and I was actually surprised in a couple of full days of burning it that it didn’t seem to be going down much at all. Lasts and lasts!

With other wood wick candles I’ve had to break off the burnt part of the wick on a regular basis. I didn’t find this as important with these so could leave this burning for longer than normal. None of the burnt/black wick ever fell into the wax, another thing that has happened to me before with others.

Everything about this brand is spot on, the packaging is elegant and sophisticated. Their scent list is the same too and their candles are great value for the quality of fragrances they use. Totally in love!

Cinnamon Orange & Clove sounds amazing for Christmas – yes, I am thinking that far ahead!

Check out their website and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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