Colton Candles

Karl and Tom are the creative geniuses behind Colton Candles. They’re a couple of passionate soles, dedicated to bringing you the most exclusive scents that are natural, affordable and unique.

Just like us here at V&L, Karl and Tom are a crazy bunch that are mad on candles and home fragrance. They started making candles as a hobby many years ago and then their passion turned into their business.

Colton Candles

All of their candles and melts are made with a blend of sustainable soy wax and with the finest grade oils sourced locally in Yorkshire. Each hand-poured candle produces a bright, steady and beautiful flame with a scent that intoxicates the space around you. They also make a range of reed diffusers too.

Their fabulous candles are decorated with luxury lace and silk for a real feminine feel. Their motto is “sparkle, shine and smell divine” and all their candles have a dusting of glitter! Seriously, it’s like they were just made for me!

Check out their online shop to see what they have for your home, wedding or special event. They’ve also just launched their new Scent Shot Box which is a great way to try new melts and save big!

We’ll be working with Colton Candles to bring you some product reviews, so stay tuned for those, until then be sure to show Colton Candles some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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