Simple Candle Co. Wax Melts Review

Simple Candle Co. Wax Melts Review

I was sent a lovely box of wax melts to review from Simple Candle Co. You can see our write up on their company HERE.

I also got a Fireside wax melt in a recent Waxbox that I purchased so I have nine scents to review for you today. The melts are all white, using 100% natural soy wax. The candles are the same too so they’ll look great with any colour scheme in your home.

The melts are pretty hard but I recommend breaking them up so that you get as much throw for your money.

The scents…

Thai Lime & Mango – I do love my fruity scents. This is super strong at first and then eases off after the impressive start.  I was a little disappointed this scent didn’t last as long. Definitely one to break up.

Wild Fig & Cassis – Loved this dark scent. Perfect for those cold evenings when you need to snuggle up. This one is super strong and quite heady so if you don’t like your heavy scents I’d avoid this one.

Caramel – One of my favourites! This was a gorgeously creamy caramel scent. Very decadent and perfect for making you want to bake or eat!

Jasmine & Lily – Super strong throw at the start, eased off after an hour or so. Perfect for those who love their flowery scents.

Oudh Nights – Really loved this one. Super strong and probably not something I’d have chosen for myself so really surprised!

Rhubarb & Blackberry – Loved this one. Packs a real fruit punch! Gorgeously rich and would definitely purchase this one.

Damson Noir – Another one that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but happy that I got it. Does ease off on the throw sooner than I’d have liked though.

Ginger & Lemongrass – Two of my favourite scents in one melt… heaven! Lovely scent that will calm and relax you. Perfect for the bathroom or those days when you need some calm.

Fireside – Another one of my favourite scents. Not as strong as I like but still it’s good to find more Fireside scents to try. Still trying to find one that beats or comes close to Yankee Candle Fireside.

My Top 3 would be Rhubarb & Blackberry, Caramel and Oudh Nights.

Overall the scent choice is impressive, there is even more on their website too. To get even better value for money get their Melts Monthly box.

Take a look at their website and give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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