Secret Scents Wax Melts Review

Secret Scents sent me a package of three of their wax melts to try. I had already had one of their wax melts in a previous Waxbox. So I was already aware of the quality!

I was sent…

Bed Time Bath – I’m not big on lavender scents but I know this is a popular scent and especially for bath time. It would be great for those who like to relax with a book in the bath after a stressful day.

Tahitian Waterfalls – This reminded me of a fabric softener that my flat mate used to buy when I was at Uni. Very flower based, lillies and violets but mixed with a very clear waterfall rain smell. It’s a very fresh smell and totally took me back to my very studious university days (ahem!)

Fresh Banana – Loved this one! I have had similar before with the bubblegum undertones on the banana. It doesn’t make the scent over sweet but it does make you want to eat ALL the candy possible. Definitely my favourite of the three.

As a rule, I always break up wax melts to make scents last longer and I did this again with these. I got a good 10+ hours from each individual melt. They are £1.30 each which is super value for money. The scent throw is impressive, even on a cold smell they are strong. But the immediate throw from them also proves how much of a bargain these are. They’ve got a great amount of varied scents including some Jo Malone and Lush dupes too.

Check out Secret Scents on Etsy HERE. They are also on Facebook and Instagram too. I would totally recommend checking out the Facebook page as it has loads of information about what’s in stock as there is a lot. It’s a wax addict paradise!

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