Secret Scents Wax Melts Review

The lovely Emma from Secret Scents was kind enough to send us some of her highly scented soy wax melts to test out and review, you can read Sarah’s review HERE.
All Secret Scents wax melts are made with the maximum percentage of fragrance that the soy wax can tolerate, and you’ll really see that when you treat yourself to some goodies from Secret Scents.

So what scents did I try out?

Secret Scents Wax Melts Review

Bed Time Bath – Generally I love comforting and relaxing scents, but quite often they contain lavender which I’m not a big fan of. With this particular scent I could definitely smell the lavender but it also had chamomile in it which I think gave it sort of an earthy type aroma.
I’ve had a lavender and chamomile laundry detergent before and this reminded me of that and my freshly washed linens when I used it. I don’t think I would personally buy this scent but I think that anyone who likes lavender based, fresh linen or clean cotton type scents would really like this one.

Jasmine – Jasmine is one of the most popular floral fragrances out there. We all know how I’m not a big fan of floral scents but I can kinda see why jasmine is liked so much. With this particular wax melt it was more sweet than it was flowery and was sort of warm and had exotic elements too.
Quite a pretty scent, this would be a good fragrance choice when it comes to gifts.

Cinnanut Columbian Cafe – I really enjoyed this scent, it was definitely my favourite out of the three scents I tried and it certainly packed a punch!
Cinnanut Columbian Cafe had rich notes of fresh roasted coffee and was perfectly balanced with warm cinnamon and other spices. The buttery roasted nut elements really softened the overall aroma and I found it had subtle hints of sweet maple too.
This scent is a real wake you up, eye opening aroma, but it will make you hungry too!
If you’re a coffee lover you’ll go nuts for this fragrance.

I quite liked these products, they’re great quality and I would definitely buy some. I’d probably go for scents like Coco & Yuzu, Cherry Amaretto, Rhubarb & Strawberry or The Comforter. YUM!

Stay tuned for reviews from us and be sure to check out Secret Scents on Facebook and on Instagram too.

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