NC Oxford Blackberry Spice Candle Review

I was recently sent a stunningly elegant and luxurious Blackberry Spice scented candle from NC Oxford, to say I was impressed with it would be quite an understatement. This candle was faaaancy!

NC Oxford Blackberry Spice Candle Review

Blackberry Spice is described as “a combination of hedgerow blackberry and pink peppercorn comes together create this familiar yet unusual perfume.”

This scent smells like fresh picked blackberries (with a greenery note in it too), a little tart and sweet and the pink peppercorn element gives it a little spicy kick.

I assumed this would be a bakery type scent when Tim from NC Oxford was telling me about it, but actually it’s more unique than that, like I could imagine this as a perfume. It’s clean and peppery,

All NC Oxford’s candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and hand poured in Oxfordshire.

This NC Oxford candle has a burn time of approximately 40 hours, I think I got more than that because I consistently kept my wick trimmed. It burned so clean and evenly too which you can see from the photos above.

The candles come with a stainless steel snuffer lid to lock in the wonderful aromas too, which I think is a lovely touch and really adds to the luxuriousness of these candles.

Their clean and modern design means they’d look great anywhere but I really think these would make such a wonderful gift. I know I’ll be dropping hints for a Pomegranate Nero candle and a Marmalade Medley one too, they sound insanely good. 😛

Stay tuned for product features and reviews from this wonderful brand but until then you can find NC Oxford on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram too.

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