Lilian Jones Sweet Shop Candle Review

I was recently sent a couple of candles from Lilian Jones, I’ve already reviewed their Citrus Zest candle, you can read that review HERE, but I think I’ve saved the best scent to review last.

Lilian Jones Sweet Shop Candle Review

Sweet Shop is described as…

“The scent of sweet shops! Fruit jellies and pastilles all come to mind through the clever blend of lemongrass, lemon, lime and tropical fruits creating a refreshingly zesty aroma that may be reminiscent of other designer brands.”

As soon as I opened the candle tin I was in love with the sweet, zesty aroma. The fragrance reminds me of lemon sherbet blended with sweet, sugary candies and jellies. It’s just delicious, intoxicating and ever so uplifting.
Totally makes you want to eat mountains of sweets too!

I really liked this candle, it’s scent throw was amazing and it lasted from the first burn to the last burn.
My candle burned clean and evenly too, yours will too just remember to keep those wicks trimmed to get the best possible burn from your candle.
I think I got about 15-20 hours out of my candle and the candles are only £5 and for the quality you get that is such a bargain!

Lilian Jones candles are handmade using sustainably sourced soy wax or beeswax and they only use natural dyes and fragrances that are designed to work specifically with natural waxes and are phthalate free.

I will definitely buy from Lilian Jones in the future, probably the two scents that I’ve tried again and maybe some more of their food/fruity scents. I think these would make such cute gifts as well. I love the simple yet stylish packaging and the little patterned paper discs that cover and protect the wax, I’ve never seen something like that before on candles and I think it’s such a lovely touch.

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