Shining Sol Paradise Wax Melts Review

Having been super impressed with Shining Sol’s amazing wood wick candles, I was excited to try out their wax melts. They kindly sent me some Paradise scented melts to test out and review.

Shining Sol Paradise Wax Melts Review“Waves crash, music plays, and you find shelter in your own private Paradise
with the familiar scent of coconut and lime.”

I found this to be a very uplifting and energizing aroma. The fragrance is a perfect blend of smooth, creamy coconuts and freshly squeezed, zesty limes. It kind of reminded of me of sherbet, it had a sort of fizziness to it.

Shining Sol use clean burning and non-toxic soy wax (as opposed to the more common paraffin wax) in all of their products.  By using soy wax they are contributing to the American farming industry and just generally being awesome. Read all about why Shining Sol use soy wax HERE.

I used my melts with a burner and tealight and got about 8 hours (two tealights) out of one cube, which is pretty great. I’ve had products before where you get an intense scent for about five minutes and then just nothing, so to have a continuous fragrance is always good.

Shining Sol have so many great scents to choose from like, Morning Java, Chocolate Kisses and Limonata, YUMMY! Check out their full range of wax melts HERE.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us and this super cool brand. 😀

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