Secret Scents Wax Melts

Secret Scents make highly scented soy wax melts and has been open since November 2014 and Emma, the wax master, loves making and creating new products everyday. Emma strives to give everyone the best items and customer service possible.

Secret Scents Wax Melts

The many benefits of soy wax include…

It burns cleaner, burns longer, burns cooler and it’s a renewable and sustainable resource, minimizing the effect on the Eco system.
Soy wax is non GM (genetically modified) and Kosher certified.
And another great benefit to soy candles/melts is that they have a cool and warm scent, so you don’t need to light them to have a great aroma in your home.
Each melt that Secret Scents make is scented with the maximum percentage that the soy wax can tolerate, giving you a high quality product that will see you coming back for more.

Secret Scents wax melts are available to buy on Etsy and come in a HUGE variety of fragrances like, Rose Jam, Snow Fairy and The Comforter (Lush dupes) and Frosted Lime Cupcake, Rainbow Sherbet, Italian Biscotti and Birthday Cake.

Stay tuned for reviews from us and this lovely brand but until then be sure to check out Secret Scents on Facebook and on Instagram too.

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