Scentsy Mini Valentine’s Day Haul

I’m not quite sure if buying a load of one particular product counts as a haul, but ah well.

So Scentsy have released a limited edition scent for Valentine’s Day called Cherished

“Love, sweet love! Luscious, enticing goji berry, passion flower,
pink jasmine and guava sparkle like the moment you realized he’s the one.”

I loved their last limited edition scent, Pink Haze, and this scent description sounded fabulous so I bought a few bars…

Scentsy Cherished

I liked the scent, it’s very feminine and sweet, but it’s very strong. I put a cube in the warmer in our bedroom and found the scent too over powering for a smaller area but when I used it in our large open plan living room it was perfect.
I’m going to send Sarah a bar to see what she thinks about it.

Have you tried Cherished yet? What Scentsy fragrances do you like? Let us know in a comment below.

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