Potters Crouch Cherry Cherry Candle Review from Sarah Lou Ltd

I have always been a bit cherry obsessed. So being sent a candle called ‘Cherry Cherry’ is just doubling my interest, right? Totally!

Cherry Cherry is described as;

“A sweet blend of August heart cherries with a twist of sour crown morello.”


On a cold smell it smells like cherry candy which is the biggest tease if you don’t have anything sweet to kick that craving you now have. When it’s burning… that sweet craving is going to get worse. It’s a lovely, rich and juicy cherry scent. The sour side to this comes through too, bringing a dark side to the fun cherry smell. There is a decadent side amongst the fun.

The fun side is there with the embellishments on the top of the candle – these melt too. They really do add a real wow factor to the candles, great for gifts!

The candles last well over 40 hours, their throw is very impressive even in a large space. There are so many scents to choose from and Sarah Lou Ltd have a great selection.

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