My Skin – The Teen Years

I thought for my first post as my skin is far from perfect I would start with a short series about it. Let’s face it we all see changes in our skin over the years, whilst I may not still be entirely happy with mine (who is?) I have learnt to accept it for being part of me.

So let’s start with my teen years…

I don’t remember my first spot, I’m pretty sure I got a million to start with. It was horrible, Teen skinteenage skin can be cruel. All those hormones flying about and you want to give us periods too? Oh thanks very much, whatever did we do to deserve this.

Unfortunately at the time Clearasil was at the forefront of acne advertising. I don’t know what it’s like now of course but if I could change ever thinking this stuff helped, I would. It felt like there was nothing that helped my face, I went through each product in the hope of clear skin. Nope! 

I did have great luck with a number of products and the main one being the Blue Corn scrub from the Body Shop. I’ve used it since and my skin hated it and it seemed way harder on my skin than I remembered. Unsure if the recipe changed? A shame if so.

Another lightbulb moment happened on a family holiday in Jersey, we went body surfing and the water was beautiful but the sea salt did wonders for my skin. No sea salt product really comes close to the real thing but this Lush sea salt scrub is the closest.

People recommended different things, which I tried. Then because I picked at some spots I was obviously left with scarring. Don’t pick your spots! Argh!

Of everything I tried over the years, tea tree oil is the best product I can recommend. I still use it now when the odd mountain decides to grace my face uninvited. If you can get one with concealer that’s extra fab, like this Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel concealer.

Obviously having spots as a teenager sucks and my school were so strict on make up. They did eventually understand that us girls were having confidence issues and lessened the rules a bit. But obviously nothing over the top. I got away with black eyeliner for about three years haha!

I think a minimal make up look for school is a good idea, you don’t want to attract attention but enough to cover up. There’s some great YouTube videos on make up for school. I wish some of these had been around when I was at school!

I still now get the occasional spot break out and my world ends! Seriously, all those confidence issues from my teens flood back. But I grab my concealer and everything is ok again. Also dabbing on tea tree oil whenever I can!

My scars are still there but I think over time they have got better. Although definitely better in my 30’s than in my 20’s and I’ll explain in part 2 of my skin story. There’s a load of treatments for getting rid of acne scars, I’ve tried a few and they’ve all probably helped to an extent but I wouldn’t say I was completely ever going to be scar free.

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