Flamingo Candle SALE Haul

We’re big Flamingo Candle fans here at V&L (in case you didn’t know already 😉 ) so when they launched there sale it was really hard not to buy more of their fabulous Christmas scents, but somehow I managed to restrain myself. BUT then I got an email letting me know that more scents had been added to their Half Price Sale and it also had a discount code for 25% off regular stock. Oh ok, fiiiiine, twist my arm… 😛

So what did I buy?

Flamingo Candle Sale Haul

Applecurrant Crumble Classic Jar Candle & 2 x Applecurrant Crumble Scent Melt – Rich and sweet, Applecurrant Crumble is a delicious blend of warm apple puree and brown sugar highlighted by fruity notes of raisin, rich plum and lemon peel. All of this is covered with a golden topping of all-butter pastry crumble.

Blackberry & Bay Leaf Classic Jar Candle & 2 x Blackberry & Bay Leaf Scent Melt – Fresh and energetic, Blackberry and Bay Leaf is a floral fragrance with blackcurrant, lemon and green leaves leading to a heart of lily of the valley and precious woods.

Cinnamon Sticks Christmas Classic Jar Candle – Warm and spicy, Cinnamon Sticks is a supreme accord with cinnamon, ginger and orange on a base of vanilla.

Jamaican Café & Walnut Classic Square Jar Candle & 3 x Jamaican Café & Walnut Scent Melt – Rich and sultry Jamaican Café & Walnut is a hypnotising infusion of freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans sprinkled with crunchy walnut and a dusting of the finest smooth cocoa.

5 x Raspberry & Salted Caramel Scent Melt – Sweet and creamy, Raspberry & Salted Caramel is a delicious treat for the senses. Fruity notes of raspberry blend with anise, buttercream and vanilla-based caramel.

Ooooh I love a good bargain!

Do you love Flamingo Candles as much as us? What are your favourite scents? Let us know in a comment below.

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