Candle Shopping In Paris

So in November myself and my love finally got to go to Paris and I was lucky to get to buy some candles. I had planned to do some more candle shopping but we had to come home earlier than planned.

I wanted to share with you the purchases I made…

Diptyque Candles

We went into the Francs Bourgeois Diptyque store and I was just amazed at how beautiful it was. I literally could’ve spent all day in there smelling all their wonderful products.

I’ve never tried any Diptyque products before but have heard wonderful things about them. I decided on four candles but really I wanted one of everything!

Baies The irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves.

FiguierThe warmth of fig wood, the freshness of its leaves and milky sap. In candles and scented ovals.

VanilleThe floral elegance of vanilla orchid gradually gives way to the intensity of the pod. Spices take precedence, blending with sandalwood and elemi to reveal a balsamy Bourbon Vanilla with smooth and woody accents.

Liquidambar (From The Holiday Collection) – A celebration of nature’s delights, which embraces the redness of this large autumnal tree. Its enveloping liquid amber is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, then cloaked in the scent of muscovado sugar, providing a sweet and warm veil of gourmand accents.

The ladies in the store were so helpful and even gave me some stunning matchsticks for my candles.

We also went into just about every Ladurée store we could find and after buying about a million Macarons, I bought a lovely set of two candles.

Lauderee Candles

MINI CANDLES GIFT BOX Paéva & Caramel Which one to choose when the romantism of the wild violet is opposed with the delicious caramel flavour? Both of them, of course…

“Paéva”, a fragrance of violets floating in the air, taking us in its wake and making us feel dizzy with delight. A tender and generous home fragrance of today and from old times, a refreshing fragrance.

“Caramel”, this astonishing candle is inspired by the famous Ladurée caramel with salted butter macaron. Mouth watering yet?

I have yet to burn any of the candles I got, they’re all just too pretty, but if I do decide to be less crazy and burn them I’ll let you know all about them.

Have you tried anything from either of these brands before? Or do you have any recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Candle Shopping In Paris

  1. Sam, if and when you burn your candles, please fill us in! I’ve heard of Diptyque, but they are quite spendy…love to know if the hype is worth it.

    1. I will of course hunny! They all smell incredible and I think I saved some money by buying the three small ones together?? I think when I get like an hour of free time I may turn my bathroom in like a spa and RELAX lol.

      1. Oooh! Spa time sounds LOVELY….but where’s that hour? Let me know if you find it,; I’m not doing so well in tracking down any of that “free time” stuff :)!

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