Banter & Bliss White Tea & Berries Candle Review

I’ve become really fond of tea scented candles over the past year so I was really happy when our friends at Banter & Bliss sent me a White Tea & Berries candle to review.

The scent of White Tea & Berries is described as “a unique blend of herbal tea and dew covered berries with notes of ylang ylang, litsea cubeba, mandarin and ginger.”

Banter & Bliss White Tea & Berries Candle Review

Generally berry fragrances can be quite tart but I found that the herbal and earthy elements in this candle really mellowed out the tartness and made it a very comforting aroma. The ginger really added some warmth to the scent to and the ylang ylang made it ever so calming and overall it just made me feel very zen.

Banter & Bliss candles and other wax goodies are made using 100% all natural soy and coconut wax blends and lead and zinc free flat braid, coreless, cotton wicks. The soy wax they use is made from pesticide and GMO free soy beans grown by American Farmers and their products are scented using phthalate free fragrances and essential oils.

I was so impressed with my candle, you can see from the above picture just how clean and flawlessly it burned, I was genuinely a bit devastated when it was all gone.

My candle was a 3oz travel candle, I kept the wicked trimmed and I think I got about 20 hours out it, which is quite impressive.

Banter & Bliss stock a wide variety of wax goodies and products online on their website HERE and also at Farmer’s Markets throughout Southern California.
Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on Instagram too and stay tuned for more reviews from us and this wonderful brand.

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